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I Never Ask For It , Action Hero Shruti
I Never Ask For

It , Action Hero

Post to be updated

photo documentation from January 2017.
Action Heroes in Bangalore walked the city carrying, I Never Ask For It testimonials,
inviting citizens, individuals to step in and take collective responsibility instead of victim blame.
Bystanders took position as Action Heroes; carrying the garments, bringing in their own, adding to the testimonials and voice shaping I Never Ask For It. 

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) : Towards Building Safe Spaces

BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) initiates dialogues , leading to possible projects towards a safe commute for women and all persons. Managing Director, BMTC, Dr Ekroop Caur met with various organisations and community leaders working on safe and inclusive spaces on Thursday February 23rd.

The agenda was to listen in to BMTC's ideas and vision for safety through the gender and sexuality lens, while also bringing together a group of community leaders, organisations, concerned individuals, with a collective concern and varying ways of approaching the same issue.

Groups/ Representatives present at the meeting include: Amnesty International India , Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore Bus Prayanikara Vedike, Blank Noise, B Pac, Durga, Equations, Sadana Mahila Sangha, Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology, Vimochana. 

Persons present include ( Chitra Talwar, Dipti Ramesh, Durang, Jananie, Jasmeen Patheja, Lekha, Mamatha, Madhura Rodrigues, Morgan Campbell, Priya , Radha Gundali, Rustam Vania, Sowmya Reddy, Subroto, Suma, V Chandrashree)

Small step. Big change.

We look forward to working together , towards building safe , welcoming, inclusive bus rides, mobility and Bangalore.

Initiated by BMTC, Sowmya Reddy and Jasmeen Patheja.

I Never Ask For It, Montreal

Montreal Action Heroes. I Never Ask For It talk, conference and workshop at Mc Gill University, Concordia University, and a workshop at Studio XX

The opposite of blame is to step in. When we say #INeverAskForIt , we are walking towards building collective responsibility; co creating safe spaces.

2017. I Never Ask For It talks and workshops begin.
Action Hero Ally > Step in if you are part of an organisation, community leader, and would like to co create I Never Ask For It from where you live
Volunteer/ Participate Action Hero > Step in if you would like to volunteer towards building or participating city specific events and activities( ie show up on the day of action)  

Action Hero Unrelenting Furiosa

Action Hero Unrelenting Furiosa

I have lived on this street all my life. He works as a car driver.
He’s about as old as my father, so he’s a good 20 years old or over.  And that morning I was walking to go get an auto, and go to work. So he turned around and started making kissing noises at me and I don’t know what spurred me on but something in me just tripped. I said I can’t be taking this kind of treatment from this man anymore because he’s also made comments about the size of my breasts several times when I have walked passed him in the past. So I walked up to him and asked him what his problem was. And I told him that don’t you know that irrespective of all the considerations, I am as old as your daughter or your grand daughter for that matter. And this is not the first time you have misbehaved and as usual he feigned innocence. He began telling people “ you’re so young why will I do something like that?”  and I think the worst part of that whole situation was that, of course lots of people stopped because there was commotion, but every single one turned around and asked me why I was making such a big deal about nothing. It didn’t help that this man was old, and looked vulnerable,  but even the women there said “you know what you shouldn’t  pay attention to these things, and you should just walk away, they’ll be like that only. You should know you shouldn’t make so much of noise about little things like these.” So it always starts with the smallest of these instances, they’re going to keep pushing you. They start with comments, then they’ll start with slight touches and they then will go all out. 
And only then will people start taking you seriously when they have evidence or proof of sexual abuse and violation. And what I was wearing that was actually a below the knee level length Kurta with leggings and a sweater also. It makes you feel dirty because somebody is talking about your body in a way that you don’t look at it yourself. And they may not realize it but it instills a sense of fear that if this person is noticing these things about me that he’s also thinking about , (the next thing my mind thinks) is that he’s probably thinking about violating it. So I’m constantly walking around in fear because he’s explicitly expressed his desire or his want to do something with my body without my permission. So you may dismiss it as small, people may dismiss it as little, but psychologically I’ve spent sleepless nights rerouting my paths and rerouting the route I take to work the next morning just to avoid this person, just to avoid that feeling of fear that he put in me every time he said something about my body.  That feeling of self consciousness, that feeling of just feeling dirty because that’s not how you see yourself. That’s not how you want other people to see you.
I was angry, there was so much anger and it actually made me realize that I’ve been harboring silently so much anger that I wasn’t even conscious of until that moment because I was shaking by the end of it.  And we shouldn’t have to suppress those feels of anger so much is what I realized that day. If something makes you angry you should be able to stand up for it , stand up for yourself without having to suppress and walk around quietly . just because there are people around you saying that its not a big deal. It is a big deal and I realized that from the time I was a child these instances and incidents that happen on a daily basis I just bottled up and just caused so much anger that was harming myself by not letting myself express it or not having people who would understand what it is that I was going through

Step in to be Action Hero.
Co create  I Never Ask For It with your testimonial

I Never Ask For It Action Heroes : Unite To End Blame

Action Hero Annie. An unknown man touched me. Andheri Station. Mumbai. 

Block 1 of I Never Ask For It Wall. Action Hero Vrushali

Saturday January 14th
Time: 4 pm - 9 pm
Location: MG Road Bus Stop (app Deccan Herald office + Brigade Road
Form: Public Participatory Action/ Performance
Media: Testimonial of garments and I Never Ask For It wall built by citizens/ individuals/ allies/ communities aka Action Heroes
Sign up here
Dear Co-Stranger,

When I was twelve, somebody leaned over and said - don't attract attention to yourself. That's what I have been doing all my life. When I leave my home, I clutch my belongings, adjust my clothes and will myself to be invisible. I occupy the tiniest strip of space. I am constantly moving sidewards to let men walk by, because I know they will most definitely "accidentally brush".

From some unknown age, a verbal survival guide becomes your holy book. "Don't take an auto when it's dark. Don't take a bus in the rush hour. Get into the crowded "Ladies" compartment even if the "General" compartment is half empty. When you sit in an auto, never sit close to the sides even if you want to feel the wind in your hair. Sit in the centre, so no passing hand can reach inside and grope. Don't smile at the auto driver. Don't smile at the shopkeeper. Don't smile."

By the time you're 18 you have permanent frown lines on your forehead. All your life, you have been biting your teeth and not smiling. In all public spaces.

This has to stop.
I want to be free from fear.

Who we are, where we go, what we wear, how we sit, stand, talk, walk in our very own cities. When we demand the need to make our cities non threatening , I don't expect anyone to think of me as their sister or mother, but to really look at women as citizens who have every right to be out on the streets, without any explanation. Sometimes we just love to walk, stand around, hang around, without looking 'available.'

We will write a new story. A story that is not rooted in fear but in being Action Hero.

No woman of any age colour or character ever deserves to be violated or what some may lightly call ‘eve teased’. There is no excuse for sexual violence. We are done being questioned. Controlled. Told.

If you know what  I am talking about, meet me again on  January 14th at MG Road ( opp Deccan Herald) bus stop between 4 - 9 pm. Bring along the garment you wore when you experienced any kind of sexual violence, threat , intimidation, abuse. Your garment is your story, your witness, your truth. You are not alone.Your garment will stand together with another garment: connecting your experience with another Action Heroes. Together, we are strong. We are safe. We resonate.  I Never Ask For It.

In solidarity,
Action Hero
Blank Noise

9886840612 /

Testimonial in letter extracted from Blank Noise Blogathon 2006

List of Protests in Bangalore In Response To Molestation On New Years Eve

Hosted by a range of organisations, communities and citizen led initiatives

7th Jan, Saturday,  11 am - 1 pm
Human chain outside Vidhan Soudha/ Karnataka High Court
Touch Me Not
Led by Bangaloreans, citizens, groups

7th Jan, Saturday,  4 30 pm - 6 pm
Cubbon Park, Bandstand
#WomenInThePark : affirming our right to enjoy public spaces
Bring a books, music, games
Led by She Collective Hub

7th Jan, Saturday, 7 pm
M.G. Road and Brigade Road
Led by Citizens For Bengaluru ( organisation)

10th January Tuesday 5 p.m  
M.G. Road and Brigade Road Outside Cauvery Emporium
“Reclaim the space. Dress the way you wish! Let us be visible and stand united!” Join us on 10th January 2017 at 5 p.m in M.G. Road and Brigade Road to reclaim the space. Dress the way you wish! Let us be visible and stand united!
Contact : 080 25492783 Email:;
Led by Vimochana, The Forum for Women's Rights, concerned students, citizens, working women from all sectors.

11th January Wednesday 8-9 pm
Led by a cohort of activists/ groups including Why Loiter , Safe City, Fem Positive,
Also on 8th January, Sunday meet at  Bandstand, Cubbon Park 4:30 PM onwards on Saturday

January 14th 11:30 am- 2:30 pm
Led by Bengalore citizens
Contact : Sangam Iyer: +919916285577

January 14th, Saturday 4 pm - 9 pm
M.G. Road / Brigade Road
Unite To End Blame. No Excuse
Together, we are strong.We are safe.
We resonate. I Never Ask For It.
Action built by public participation:
Bring along the garment you wore when you experienced any kind of sexual violence, threat , intimidation, abuse. Your garment is your story, your witness, your truth. You are not alone.
Led by Blank Noise, allies, and its Action Heroes/citizens ie you.
Contact :  +91.9886840612

Is this the time for #NotAllMen ?

This hashtag has been trending on twitter in light of the new years eve incident.

To whom so ever initiated this:
Of course not all men commit violence against women. 
Many women and girls are warned often by many men (brothers, father, husband, 'protectors') and society at large to fear another man, to "be careful" ie to be careful of another man. 
Before this goes into a man vs women reductionist view - 
In an environment of collective outrage and shock after the new years eve incident , #NotAllMen is defensive ,and this is not a time to be defensive, but to understand , but to empathise and step in. This is the time to take collective responsibility , express solidarity, and even go beyond solidarity to saying that violence against women affects you too in one way or another. Without empathy, and with this hashtag, you are becoming the opposite of the hashtag you suggest. 

shout out to Sachin Kalbag for expressing a similar sentiment, where he proposed a #WeWontTolerateIt 

Step By Step Guide For A Minister To Respond And Take A Proactive Approach

Post New Years Eve comments from ministers

Karanataka Home Minister, G Parameshar
Unfortunately, what is happening is that on days like New Years, Brigade Road, Commercial Street, or MG road, a large number of youngsters gather. And youngsters were almost like westerners. They tried to copy the westerners, not only in their mindset but even in their dressing. So some disturbance, some girls are harassed, these kind of things do happen.
Reporting To Remember , Karnataka Home Minister, G Parameshwara for dismissing, normalising,  hence justifying sexual violence.

Samajwadi Party Leader, Abu Azmi
"In these modern times, the more skin women show, the more they are considered fashionable. If my sister or daughter stays out beyond sunset celebrating December 31 with a man who isn't their husband or brother, that's not right" Abu Azmi
Reporting To Remember Samajwadi Party Leader Abu Azmi for justifying, blaming, allowing violence against women.

Where there is blame, violence against women is furthered.  Blaming youth, west, clothes, women,  reveals a lack of taking ownership and responsibility. Instead our home minister says “ these kind of things do happen”.   When violence is normalised, it is accepted. This is the problem.

Step By Step Guide For A Minister To Respond And Take A Proactive Approach What to say, do, think, feel when an incident on sexual and gender based violence is reported

  1. Express Feeling And Connection : We are ‘disappointed’ / ‘angry’ / ‘distressed’/ and we understand how you feel.
  2. Be proactive. Step In: We need to transform attitudes and environments that allow violence against women. We know that women face violence and sexual assault on a daily basis and we need to be better prepared on how to respond to them.
  3. Express concern and intention: Freedom from fear is a basic right. We want want all women and every person to feel safe. We must tackle all factors in our environments that threaten a sense of security. We understand that such experiences can cause fear and anxiety in citizens. A city or place belongs to its people ( women, men, trans) and it is our responsibility to enable ownership and freedom.
  4. Take A Step Towards Affirmative Action: We know that we need to create an environment in which people can go anywhere, anytime, any how without the weight of fear on their shoulders.  
  5. Taking Charge Instead of Denying or Dismissing : We are working to identify the perpetrators and prosecute them under the ambit of the law. We know that our responsibility does not end here. We will strive to tackle larger issues that produce such violence and work to ensure that this is not repeated.
  6. Accept having failed and propose a plan : We know that we have failed our citizens here- in our response, in building safe spaces, and in creating environments conducive to their wellbeing. We pledge to strengthen our efforts to re-evaluate existing policies, mechanisms, and State apparatuses to identify the flaws and gaps that contributed to the collective trauma that we are experiencing. We will work to shift and implement these policies, and ensure that we fund and support initiatives that contribute to building safe, inclusive, free of violence, free from fear.
  7. Communicate Plan and Follow Up. Submit a monthly report on plan, progress and implementation

    edit credits Rishita Nandagiri and Shweta Krishnan

Bangalore Action Heroes : In Response To Mass Molestation

Freedom From Fear. Freedom From Warnings
No excuse for any sexual violence.
No justification.
We are done being questioned. Controlled. Told.
I Never Ask For It

Brigade Road. Bangalore Action Heroes 2006

Do reach out if you wish to organise a response to Bangalore's New Year eve molestation. 
We are planning an action that needs you, our Action Hero team in full strength and spirit.
Date/ Time / Place will be confirmed asap.

2 requirements:
i) back end/ action organising team .
ii) a team that participates ie shows up on the day of action.
Date to be announced.

In solidarity,
Blank Noise Team

Reporting To Remember : Karnataka Home Minister

Unfortunately, what is happening is that on days like New Years, 
Brigade Road, Commercial Street, or MG road, a large number of youngsters gather. And youngsters were almost like westerners. They tried to copy the westerners, not only in their mindset but even in their dressing. So some disturbance, some girls are harassed, these kind of things do happen.

Reporting To Remember , Karnataka Home Minister, G Parameshwara for dismissing, normalising,  hence justifying sexual violence. Where there is blame, violence against women is furthered.  Blaming youth, west, clothes, women,  reveals a lack of taking ownership and responsibility. Instead our home minister says “ these kind of things do happen”.   When violence is normalised, it is accepted. This is also the problem.


Step By Step Guide To What A Minister or Authority Can and Should Say - Coming Up.
The opposite of blame is stepping in. #StepIn

Action Heroes Walk Alone December 2nd : Akeli Awaara Azaad

Blank Noise initiated Walk Alone invited individuals from across the globe to be Action Heroes by walking where they feel fear, or is unknown to them anytime between 9 pm and midnight. Each participating Action Hero came face to face with her story of fear in this process, each step , path, place a negotiation from fear to freedom. Action Heroes walked their streets from Chattisgarh, Medellin, Mumbai, Bangalore, Allahabad, Goa and more. This was the third Walk Alone, also in joint association with Why Loiter and Amnesty International India.

Just because India got freedom at midnight does not mean woman should venture out at midnight?#ReportingToRemember #BotsaSatyanarayana

Had the girl simply surrendered (and not resisted) when surrounded by six men, she would not have lost her intestine. Why was she out with her boyfriend at 10 pm?
#ReportingToRemember  #Dr.AnitaShukla

Action Heroes Pledge To #WalkAlone
Freedom From Fear. Freedom From Warnings
There is no excuse for any sexual violence.
No justification. We are done being questioned. controlled. told. 
I Never Ask For It

Walk Alone was initiated by Blank Noise in 2016. The third Walk Alone event, held on December 2nd, 2016 in association with Why Loiter and Amnesty International India. 

Featuring 26 Action Heroes in their words and photographs. 
Akeli Awaara Azaad / Alone Unattached and Free

Walk Alone Action Hero Becca Savory
Location: Dawlish , Devon, UK.

I chose to walk alone there only because it's where I live and I could walk straight out the door. It didn't feel challenging in the sense that it's not somewhere I feel at risk. It's not somewhere I'd ever be warned not to go (although people might think I'm the suspicious one, being out walking alone..!) But it was joyful and sensuous to walk in the dark through streets I know by daylight. And I took the track down to the sea wall, where it was dark except for distant lights. I walked along the sea wall with waves surging below and felt alive.
My feelings changed over the length of the walk. At the start I felt quite self-aware of the action and the ideas behind WalkAlone - the walk felt something like a performance. As it went on, I was jumpy and alert; pensive and overwhelmed; excited and eager to walk all night; and finally I felt relaxed - less like I was 'performing' the walk, and more like I was just doing it. And enjoying it. I felt I'd like to walk at that time more often - the town felt different, and the experience was refreshing.
I walked through streets I know well from daily life, but I'd never spent so long wandering them at that time of night. I felt curious, skittish, self-conscious. On the first part of my walk the area felt very lonely - I hardly saw anyone, and was startled when a man on a bicycle appeared suddenly behind me. It was familiar but changed, and my senses were on high alert. But on later parts of my walk, the town felt more comfortable and homely than I'd expected. It was comforting to see people out and about - even another woman walking alone with a pair of dogs. I had a conversation with two women waiting outside a night shelter to welcome anyone in who needed some support or respite. I hadn't really expected to meet anyone, so it felt more friendly and welcoming than I'd imagined. (Maybe it was also that I was more friendly and welcoming through being out on a meandering walk, and not *trying to get from A to B as usual). At the end of the walk I felt relaxed, refreshed, contented.
I got home feeling a bit reflective, but also happy that for me the journey had transitioned from something that felt 'serious' and self aware, into something that was a simpler kind of pleasure - less about the politics & significance. More about the physical experience. It left me feeling that I would enjoy walking at that time again - so often I get to the end of the day and just collapse, but this was a really energising, refreshing experience.
* Action Hero Becca walked alone for an hour.

Action Hero Vrushali Somavanshi
Location: Yelahanka New Town main road, Bangalore
I walked here because I had been harassed here before, and wanted to reclaim my space.
Initially I  was not comfortable walking around an area so close to my house. I felt sceptical and alert.  My phone battery had died and that made me quite nervous, I clutched on to the only pseudo weapon that I had which were a pair of keys. As I kept walking I did start feeling a bit okay, but that feeling quickly washed away due to several bad experiences of catcalling on that particular road. But as I moved forward I saw a few women nearby which made me feel safe. At the end of my Walk Alone I felt relieved proud independent.
I feel the need to rethink about how safe the place was and not just assume something bad was always going to happen. I felt better in a way and felt more free to get out at night.
* Action Hero Vrushali walked alone for 10 minutes

Walk Alone Action Hero Sukriti Suryavanshi  
Location: Bandra, Mumbai, India
I live and work around Bandra . I walked there because these are spaces that I have been asked to not go alone, especially at night. I was excited, nervous and feeling adventurous as I began to walk alone.I noticed that I think a lot when I walk, that  I enjoy my company. I held  a hot beverage while I walked alone. I did not feel threatened . Maybe because the roads I walked on would fluctuate between silence and noise every 400 to 500 meters. There was one stretch over half a kilometer which was extremely desolate. I felt meek half way through it and really strong when I was done walking that stretch. After walking, I felt calm, happy and a part of something big. Is there a word for that?

* Action Hero Sukriti walked alone for 45 minutes

Walk Alone Action Hero Neha Singh
Location: Andheri West, Mumbai
I walked alone here because it is close to home, but quite deserted post midnight.
I was feeling apprehensive, lonely, adventurous before my Walk Alone. As I walked, I began to feel confident, happy and at peace. I noticed there were  many streetlights, no clean public toilets. I was exhausted, peaceful, happy at the end of my walk.
* Action Hero Neha is a member of the Why Loiter movement. Neha walked alone for 2 hours

Walk Alone Action Hero Sameera Khan
Location: In central Mumbai (India) – Wadala East, Wadala West and Five Gardens, Matunga
Sameera Mumbai loiter .jpg

I was curious to explore this area as I have often felt anxious here at night. I wanted to conquer my fears. As the time to walk neared, my anxiety rose. I had chosen an area that wasn’t entirely unfamiliar to me in the day. But at night, I had usually accessed it with someone else. It seemed to have a lot of dark spots, isn’t lit up particularly well at night, and it was an area crowded with tempo-truck traffic. It’s mainly a residential area - with several pockets of government/port trust employee housing, fairly vast slums, and new apartment blocks for middle class residents. Initially I walked at a faster speed especially when I noticed that predominantly the visible people on the street were men. I seemed to always slow down when I spotted a woman/women – always seen with male companion/s. Eventually I walked more at ease, ambling at points. This was particularly so when the places I passed were well-lit and had a mixed crowd of men and women. When I was the lone woman on the street and there were a fair amount of men around, I was watchful but calm. But when I was the lone woman and there were just one or two/three other men, I was quite anxious. At those times, every step behind me seemed ominous.
There was two positive experiences: 1. I was crossing a busy broad four lane road in Wadala. Halfway across, an older man next to me quietly held up his hand and said, “ Not know, don’t cross now, Traffic is fast here.” And then as traffic eased , he quietly said “ Now we cross” . He did this as we crossed two lanes of that busy arterial road and then quietly disappeared. He seemed to look out for me in a gentle manner and I appreciated it. 2. The open maidan at Five Gardens, Matunga was all lit up and several people were walking around there. Lounging, eating at the corner where street food (egg-pao) was available, chatting. But the centre of the maidan usually filled with men’s teams playing football or cricket had a large family of men, women, children playing several rounds of badminton. This sight so lifted my spirits that I spent several minutes watching them feeling quite elated at how city open space was being used for sport and recreation late at night.
The city seemed more deserted than I thought it would be at this hour. This was Central Mumbai close to midnight at the start of a weekend, yet was fairly empty. And where there were people they were only men, men and more men. Saw two women in a queue outside an ATM at 11 pm. Then three laughing women on the pillion seat of three motorbikes (they seemed to be a group). Then some women as part of a family playing badminton in Five gardens maidan. One other woman walking with a man. And, of course, women sleeping in some roadside shanties. That was it. Otherwise the places were so dominated by the presence of men that the absence of women was perceptibly felt. At Five gardens, there was an open air gymnasium in one corner of a large maidan and it was packed with men working out at close to midnight. No women here.
Largely, the places were not well-lit except in parts. Lots of cars/buses/trucks/tempos parked blocking access to pavements. Or in some places, the pavements were so blocked by pretty plants/trees, they cut street visibility. Or there were people sleeping on the pavements. So you felt more comfortable walking on the roads. Spotted one toilet block. Noticed that fast motorbikes took over the streets at night, roaring away with only male drivers. I didn't feel threatened by anyone on my walk but I wasn't entirely comfortable either. I think I need to do this more often in order to start feeling more at ease.
I got back feeling triumphant, contented, and happy. I was more than glad I had participated in this venture. I have walked/loitered in the city very often – but usually alone only in the day. At night when I have loitered, it’s usually been with male- female friends or women participants of the Why Loiter movement. Being in a group – even an all-female group – gives you more courage to access the streets fully. To stop for chai. Laugh more loudly. Feel a bit bolder. So this experiment to access the night in my city alone was challenging but also quite a learning experience. Afterwards, I felt slightly elated , my mind full of the possibilities of what a new city of the future could look like if more women accessed public space in the city and accessed the night in particular. How different my walk could have been if instead of just men, I had also met many other women loitering/walking alone. It would have made it a more inclusive city!
My final thought is this : more than the actual walking alone what really made me anxious was what you had asked us to do : document the walk using your cell phone. Taking out the cell phone and shooting pictures meant receiving extra attention from the men you met on the streets. But as I walked that fear sort of dissipated. I thought it would be virtually impossible to shoot a selfie on the dark streets but actually at one spot I did manage it (though I am not sharing that).



* Action Hero Sameera is also a member of the Why Loiter movement. Sameera Khan co authored the book, Why Loiter. Sameera walked alone for 80 minutes.

Walk Alone Action Hero Maria Del Rio
* The Action Hero Who Ran Alone
Location: El Tesoro neighborhood, Medellin, Colombia
ActionHero Maria4.jpg

I chose a place close to home . It is my usual running circuit.
I was scared at first. I was anxious. It was dark. I had many questions.  
Usually at 9pm I'm home or out with people, but never alone running the streets.
I chose my usual running circuit, so I was familiar with the place. It's dark  sidewalks are broken, so after the first 10 seconds, my biggest fear was falling and injuring my ankle. I crossed paths with 5 guys that were also running and a guy that was walking a dog. I also saw two couples (man and woman) walking. At the end of my Walk Alone , I felt empowered, happy, tired-energetic. Running activates me, so it took me a while to be able to sleep. I got home, lay in bed, thinking of 2016's accomplishments
* Action Hero Maria walked / ran alone for 34 min, 51 sec - 5.46km

Walk Alone Action Hero Eeshita Kapadiya
Location: Nagenhalli, Yelahanka
I walked through a road behind my apartment . I had never explored.
I was curious to know where the road led.I did have an ingrained sense of fear to my surroundings, and was suspicious of cars and figures even though they posed no visible threat to me.I started to feel comfortable after a while, as long as I saw no people. Once people were in the equation, fear would creep up again. However, since I walked with company, I was still relatively comfortable, but also felt protective towards my companions when I felt fearful myself. I was feeling excitement, purpose and peace before my walk alone. After my walk, I felt confident, conscious, aware. I got home knowing I wanted to walk alone more, and realized I would not have experienced what I had just experienced if not for the #WalkAlone. Since I had company, I was still comfortable, but this gave me confidence to venture out by myself.
* Action Hero Eeshita did her walk alone, in a group of three, for a duration of forty minutes.

Walk Alone Action Hero Satya Gummuluri
Location: Kreuzberg , Berlin, Germany.
I wanted to see a show in the Kreuzberg area. I felt unselfconscious.
I was in Berlin .I find it safe compared to other places I have been to. I was not threatened or did not feel unsafe.I was going to an area I haven't been to before in a city I don't live in, so I was mostly absorbed in figuring out directions. I also felt excited, proud, solidarity before doing the Walk Alone.  After the walk I felt happy, buzzed, solidarity. I got home and  didn't sleep until later... I was a bit buzzed with excitement! On the train back, i had seen an ad for a group that helps refugee women. (i tried searching for it online but haven't been successful). it talked about women connecting with refugee women and helping them navigate the city and new life. i was a bit emotional reading the ad. it is humbling to see the efforts of so many women working so hard at every level.
* Action Hero Satya walked for one hour.

Walk Alone Action Hero Nomita Khatri
Location: Succorro, Goa, India.

I walked from my apartment up to and then past the Succorro Church and onwards on the road hugging the Church deeper into the same area. I chose not to walk alone. I invited a (male) friend to walk with me and did that because of the anxiety I was feeling at the thought to having to traverse, what ended up being a completely unlit part of my planned walk. Had I been on my own I might not have chosen to walk that particular pathway.
I noticed the surprise (and care) of passing motorists on the dark patch of path we walked. I noticed that while I was the only woman walking the streets, in the areas lit my street lamps, I did not feel out-of-place. At the thela we stopped at along the way I listened to the track that was playing on the radio. The singer (a woman) asks her "pia" to "kheech mere photo" in a constant refrain. Chilli bhajji's were being fried hot and served to an all-male audience (excluding myself). There were times I knew I felt safe walking with a male friend, simply because I was looked at a lot more especially as the evening wore on. Curiosity prompted the looking - it not being common in villages off the tourist circuit to see a woman walk after dark. I did walk cross a nallah, to find deep in the shadows of two trees standing side-by-side two boys, with a new bottle of alcohol and recently filled glasses. Did I feel threatened? No. I did remind me of the ways in which I would find ways to do what I was told explicitly not to as a teenager / young adult. On the walk back, the drinking twosome, had swelled in number to about 5 boys a lot louder than before, cell phones and drinks in hand. There was a perceived uncertainty in if they ought to react or respond to encountering me walk past without changing my sauntering pace.
Before my Walk Alone I felt a sense of freedom, release, anxiety. After the event I felt rested, grounded, energetic.
I think I need to walk thrice a week again - to allow the thoughts of the week to settle in me as well as make that connection to myself while I walk. It needs to be an unthinking part of my weekly/ daily rhythm.
* Action Hero Nomita walked for two and half hours.

Walk Alone Action Hero Madhura Chakraborty
Location: Siolim, Goa, India.WalkAloneAHMadhuraC.jpg
Walk Alone documentation/ reflection to be updated.

Walk Alone Action Hero Vira Mistry
Location: Indiranagar in Defence Colony, Bangalore, India.
I was initially going to walk in Tipassandra, but I changed the location because it was my first Walk Alone and I wanted to be in a more familiar space. And even though it is home to me and I have grown up there, I rarely walk around at night after 9 and wanted to experience it. I was anxious, excited, curious.
It was raining and I had a big sweatshirt on and my hood was up.  I kept wondering if I even looked like a girl, and whether if I was wearing something different i wouldn't feel as safe. I always feel cozy in a sweatshirt, so I was kind of in my comfort zone because of this. There was a moment where a bike pulled up by me and that was a little nerve racking. I didn't say anything but it definitely made me feel uncomfortable. Which is strange because I was walking around in my neighbourhood.
Defense Colony is a very familiar place to me. I've grown up walking around those streets however I rarely venture out after 9:30 by myself. Most of the roads weren't lit up. There were a few people walking but they were mostly men and cars driving by. The roads were relatively quiet.  I got home feeling elated, bold, happy. It was very hard to fall asleep once I got back home. I felt like my heart was racing.
* Action Hero Vira walked for twenty minutes.

Walk Alone Action Hero Lisa Heissenberg
Location: Braunschweig, Inner city, Christmas Market, Germany.
I like walking in deserted places. It was cold and as I walked I got used to the cold. It seemed more like a ghost town the more lost drunkards accumulated there and the more cleaning personnel tried to polish it up. Before my walk I felt tired, somewhat full of expectation, and a bit whacked. Afterwards, I felt awake, refreshed, a little healthier.  After the walk I slept like a dead person right after checking online who else had shared some insights in their walk.
* Action Hero Lisa walked alone for one and half hours.
Walk Alone Action Hero Rekha Nigam
Location: Mandir road, behind Guru Nanak hospital, Bandra East, Mumbai, India.
It’s a  place known for muggings and chain snatching. we are always warned against walking alone through this stretch. At first, apprehension, then relaxation, followed by exhilaration.  It was empty...there were a lot of shadows....initially, I was peering in the shadows...slowly, I could smell flowers, recognise bushes and even saw a stray dog I recognised. I think, I felt more empowered as I walked. I felt I could take on anybody.
By the end of my walk I felt empowered, fearless and free. I also felt connected to all the other women on similar journeys.
* Action Hero Rekha walked alone for twenty minutes.

Walk Alone Action Hero Tanvee Nabar
Location: Bandra Mumbai, India.
Walk Alone documentation/ reflection to be updated.
Action Hero Tanvee spoke to Swedish TV about her Walk Alone.
Watch video here . Report by Malin Mendel Westberg

Walk Alone Action Hero Gopika Bashi
Location: Bangalore, Indira Nagar, Bangalore, India.
I walk past that spot during the day every day and chose to walk there that night.
Walking alone helps me process and reflect- realised I hadn't done it in a while (that late at night at least), and even though I'm aware of my surroundings, it's still quite an empowering feeling to walk alone:) I had just returned from a visit to the garment factory areas of Bangalore- walking alone at the end of a work day is normal for most women in that area, so there may not always be a direct correlation between time of day and safety, and many women don't even have a choice but to walk alone at night. This is an everyday reality for many women.
I noticed the emptiness, and quiet, occasionally disturbed by traffic noises. I felt fine, though I did stop at a shop, around which there were about ten men congregated. I didn't feel threatened- it just struck me how I'd never see a group of women like that:)
Before my walk alone, I felt tired, busy, reflective.
After the walk, I felt observant, reflective, curious
I got back feeling that there were others doing the same thing...that I was a  part of a group of women doing the same thing, across cities.
* Action Hero Gopika walked alone for one hour.

Walk Alone Action Hero Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah
Location: MG Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
It is where I live and need to often walk alone there. I was confident and aware of my surroundings, yet felt threatened, unsafe, uneasy.  At the end of my walk I felt empowered, strong, confident. I felt an awareness at the end of my walk alone,  that we can go where we need to when we need to.
* Action Hero Jyotsna walked alone for thirty minutes.

Walk Alone Action Hero Archana Patel Nandi
Location: Sadashivpeth & Koregaon park, Pune. India
All of Pune was unknown to me...and since I was around that area I started from then.
Being new to the city, I was a little  unsure. Then I thought to myself, how does it matter? “Jyada soch matt just go for it” / ‘Don’t think too much, just go for it’.
Sadashiv peth was crowded and was enjoying the weekend too! I felt excited, enthusiastic and sure.
* Action Hero Archana walked alone for two hours.
{{{ Anonymous Action Heroes }}}
Some who walked alone preferred to remain anonymous, but give consent share their response.

Walk Alone Action Hero 1
Location: On the road from Kanker to Korar, Chattisgarh, India
The location was convenient and secluded. I felt excited and nervous. I am a hesitant person. I am uncomfortable in strange situations. But at the same time I like to be adventurous.  I definitely felt threatened. But I would have felt more threatened if there were people around.
I was relieved to have come back safely without any mishaps. I felt proud, relieved and happy.
* Walk Alone Action Hero 1 walked for twenty minutes

Walk Alone Action Hero 2
Location: On the road from Kanker to Korar, Chattisgarh, India
It is a route we travel a lot but never during the night. Wanted to explore that beautiful stretch during the night. I was very comfortable, at peace and enjoyed the night. We were the only people in that locality and felt safe in those familiar roads which we frequented during the day but never at night. Before the walk I felt worried, excited and determined. After the walk alone, I felt happy, comfortable and calm. I really enjoyed Walk Alone. Would love to do it more often. Felt more in touch with the place around me than even in the day.
* Walk Alone Action Hero 4 walked for thirty minutes.

Walk Alone Action Hero 3
Location: Panjim, Goa, India.

I live there. I did feel fear, uncertainty, reluctance before the event. When I was not afraid, I was aware of consciously avoiding eye contact with Indian men. My neighbourhood is fairly well lit, but pretty deserted after 10. It's a safe space though and the groups of Indian male tourists looking at me over the only strange factor. At the end of my walk I felt
exhilaration, confident, tired (fighting your fear tires you more than walking around!)
I became aware of the non-eye contact and was a little surprised by that. Never knew I went so much of my way to not-connect with Indian men. I keep making that distinction because I don't have the same fear with foreign men. Maybe it is years of experiencing harassment and groping by our own people that have made me wary. My experiences abroad and with visitors here have only been positive, though. And it saddens me. I'm sure others have contrary experiences - after all not all men are the same, but this is mine.
* Walk Alone Action Hero 2 walked for forty five

Walk Alone Action Hero 4
Location: Around and on Bondel Gate Bridge in Kolkata, India
I chose to walk here because it's the only place near my home where I'm afraid of walking alone near midnight.  I was glad I'd brought along my phone/handycam since it gave me the appearance of having a purpose. Initially I jumped at every passing bike with young pillion riders. I was slightly nervous for around 20 minutes. I felt defiant, curious, nervous. I also felt threatened by passing vehicles and stares, some curious, some ambiguous. Eventually, I felt safer but not as comfortable as I would like to feel. At the end of my walk, I felt I'm not yet ready to trust idle strangers, perhaps just as much as they're suspicious of me. I would like to strengthen that trust. I'll be doing this again and again, giving them and myself more chances.
* Walk Alone Action Hero 3 walked for forty minutes.

Walk Alone Action Hero 5
Location: Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.
I had done a previous initiative for sleeping in a park ( Meet To Sleep) with my friends, I did feel like a part of something bigger, that is standing in sisterhood! I was excited to have this opportunity. I was also a little nervous, sceptical and scared about walking alone at first, but after five minutes I  felt more comfortable.
It is a little scary when you walk alone at night, just because it's empty and I didn't see anyone else. I have walked the path a lot of times because it's my neighbourhood, or been in a car. I was aware that if I would've been with someone else or driving, I wouldn't have felt nervous there.
I felt confident and happy after walking. I felt like I need to do it more and encourage others to individually contribute to such initiatives because these experiences and fear are mostly female. A man wouldn't think twice about walking alone for fear of constant insecurity of the worst case scenarios coming true, though in fairness the fears are completely based on facts of life! Still, it felt nice!
* Walk Alone Action Hero 5 walked for twenty minutes

Walk Alone Action Hero 6
Location: Allahabad
Action Hero 6 walked alone in Allahabad because she believes she deserves freedom.
She does not wish to share her walk alone experience on a public platform.

Walk Alone Action Hero 7
Location: Nagenhalli, Yelahanka, Bangalore, India.
I need the company of other woman, which I trust, to feel comfortable that enables me to go for the walk alone. At least in some distance, to know in case something bad would happen I wouldn't be alone. Normally I don't look in people's eyes, I feel as if I have to shut myself in order to stay safe. But what I want to face is my fear to keep on being silent about sexual harassment towards me. I want to wear my head up high, not afraid of meeting eyes, and if anything would happen – to scream.
I felt apprehension, strength, trust before the walk . I walked in a group of three.
We walked an empty road to the village, crossing railway tracks. I see only a few men here and there. If I would be alone, I would be in a totally attentive all over state. No streetlight anymore. At the edge to nature, sometimes more afraid of an animal to appear or darkness itself. I feel nothing will happen, but alone – I wouldn't be here.Silence.Listening. Eyes wide open. After the walk I felt clarity, trust, empowerment
Action Hero 7 walked alone for 1 hour 20 minutes.

About #WalkAlone #AkeliAwaaraAzaad:
Walk Alone was initiated by Blank Noise in 2016. ,
This was the third Walk Alone ( December 2, 2016 )  joined forces with Why Loiter and Amnesty International India.

Walk Alone #Akeli Awaara Azaad was first held between 12 -19 June 2016 and again on September 25, December 2nd, 2016.  48 Action Heroes have led Walk Alone in 21 cities (Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Allahabad, Lucknow, Delhi, Berlin, Pune, Kolkata, Siolim, Panjim, Aararim Wada, Jaipur, Berlin- Germany, Braunschweig- Germany , Dawlish in Devon- UK, Toronto-Canada, Shillong, Koppa, Pakistan, Chhattisgarh) Walk Alone organisational/ community allies include Jagori, Why Loiter, Amnesty International India, Awadh Mango Growers Association, Girls At Dhabas and Write To Maati  

Walk Alone map prepared by Action Hero Lisa Heissenberg,  BangaloREsidency, Max Mueller Bhavan Remote Resident at Blank Noise.

Walk Alone map prepared by Action Hero Lisa Heissenberg,  BangaloREsidency, Max Mueller Bhavan Remote Resident at Blank Noise.

Walk Alone #Akeli Awaara Azaad was first held between 12 -19 June 2016 and again on September 25, December 2nd, 2016.  Action Heroes have led Walk Alone in 21 cities (Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Allahabad, Lucknow, Delhi, Berlin, Pune, Kolkata, Siolim, Panjim, Aararim Wada, Jaipur, Berlin- Germany, Braunschweig- Germany , Dawlish in Devon- UK, Toronto-Canada, Shillong, Koppa, Pakistan, Chhattisgarh) Walk Alone organisational/ community allies include Jagori, Why Loiter, Amnesty International India, Awadh Mango Growers Association, Girls At Dhabas and Write To Maati  

Press link, The Guardian , Better India

Thank You :Action Hero Aishwarya: #INeverAskForIt

Action Hero Aishwarya

I didn’t ask for it.
What did I ask for is for the auto driver to take me from Point A to Point B. In return, I would pay him for his services. You see that’s how businesses work. But I guess our patriarchal society has different ideas. When I handed over the money to the auto driver for having dropped me home, he decided instead to give me an unsolicited lecture on how I was inappropriate and how respectable women didn’t dress like the way I had. I told him it was none of his business. He didn’t agree. A crowd gathered. Another man agreed with him and told me that I didn’t belong in the place I had called home for nearly half a decade. Silenced and completely stunned, I went home crying and angry.
Now this anecdote isn’t that interesting or even unique for the average Indian woman who has had to deal with everything from men on the streets stalking, harassing and sometimes even physically assaulting her. But in that moment, something snapped. I snapped. I was tired of having to put up with yet another strange man on the street who thought he had ownership towards my body and me. I wanted to reclaim a sense of self and posted the details of the incident on Facebook.
The internet is a strange place and my post went viral within hours. And suddenly thousands of men and women online took it upon themselves to tell me that I was a whore, a slut and not representative of the Indian culture. And I read nearly every single one of them (yes, anonymous internet guy, I did read your comment about how you wanted to mindfuck me while also fucking me both ways).
Soon I was getting rape and death threats. All anonymous. All incredibly scary. I spent the week holed up in my bathroom crying and worrying that some man would recognize me and would rape me.
But just as suddenly as it came, the storm left my backyard and my Facebook page.  
A week later another girl had gone viral and the internet decided to spend its attention on calling her a slut and a whore. I was left alone, bruised but free. And I kept wondering.
Did I ask it?
A white dress with a lace overlay. It was one of my favorites. I wore when I felt good about myself. I wore it for brunches, to meet friends and occasionally because I wanted to look nice. My beautiful white dress now stained a big fat scarlet letter…a memory of how for a brief period of time I was the lightning rod for slut shamers across the country.
Did I ask for it?
Until four years ago, I hadn’t worn a dress in my life. Having spent a lifetime hating own body, I did everything in my power to deflect attention from it and hence only wore sweatpants, sweatshirts and would top it off with a baggy jacket. When I turned 24, my sister made me wear a fitted frock because she really had had enough of my “fashion” choices. I was uncomfortable and terrified at first. I remember tugging at the hem about 15 times and being very conscious of the fact one could see my knees which I thought were ugly too.
But that dress changed me. It jumpstarted a long and sometimes painful journey towards self-acceptance and body acceptance. And even today, every time I wear something fitted; every time I wear a pair of shorts; every time I wear a dress; I win a victory against the voice in my head (and every message bombarded against women in the patriarchal world) that tells me that I am not good enough.  
It’s an act of courage.
When I wear a dress, I decide that the world no longer gets to say what I can and cannot do with my own body.
When I wear a dress I get to take control of my own agency and my narrative.
When I wear a dress, I stand up for myself. It’s deeply personal and deeply political.
My body. My dress.  
And dear stranger who seems to have an opinion on the dress I choose to wear from the money that I earned?
You can keep it to yourself.  
I Never Ask For It
Do you recall the clothes you wore when you experienced sexual threat, violence, intimidation?
The garment is memory, witness, testimony. Reach out

An Invitation To You From The Hahaha Sangha Action Heroes

Have you ever woken up smiling?

This is what Saturday mornings are beginning to feel like...

Hahaha Sangha Action Heroes 
are committed to building a safe neighbourhood through laughter, friendship, people knowing.
Because breaking stereotypes, establishing personhood, enabling acceptance of diverse realities is fundamental to making a place safe.

Step in your Action Hero shoes. Say hello to those vocal chords and fellow Action Heroes 
every Saturday morning from 9 am - 10 am. 
Location: Yelahanka ( exact location in Yelahanka will be shared on confirmation)
* To initiate a Hahaha Sangha in your neighbourhood, write in 

A personal invitation from Action Heroes Yashoda, Sampige and Vira here in this blog post.

Last Call To Register #WalkAlone : Towards Freedom From Fear

A tiny step for an Action Hero is a giant leap for all of us.  We are doing things we have long been warned against ! #WalkAlone
Yes! #INeverAskForIt!

We are thrilled to report :  #ActionHeroes are walking alone in solidarity from  Goa, Delhi, Bombay, Jaipur , Dawlish(Devon), Berlin, Braunschweig,  Pune, Bangalore , Lucknow , Kolkata and more!  We are also joined by Action Hero allies including Why Loiter, Take Back The Night Kolkata , Amnesty International India !

Where in Mumbai would you desire to Walk Alone?

To Walk Alone,Register here:

This is a solitary activity, Action Heroes are walking alone where they chose to. Should you at any point feel anxious, apprehensive , and prefer to walk in company instead, please don't hesitate to reach out, or even connect with a friend who wants to walk with you. You can also define the time limit, some of you may want to walk for the whole three hours, while someone else might want to walk for 45 minutes. We want the decisions to be intentional. We want you, our Action Hero to be in conversation with fear, on your own terms and most importantly, at your own pace, and not those defined anyone else's version of an Action Hero.

Read details below

With love,
Blank Noise Team

100 Action Heroes #WalkAlone
Friday, 2nd December
anytime between
9 pm - midnight

Women occupy streets at night.
Alone. Wandering. Walking.
Stop To Gaze At The Stars
Smell the night blooming flowers
We are many
We are visible

Action Heroes co create safe spaces
We Walk Alone, Together ;
Towards Freedom From Fear

Here’s how: identify site ( is it unfamiliar / unknown / desired? )

* Read event faqs here

Action Heroes and allies have registered from cities across India and beyond
A complete list will be out on the 2nd December morning.

Yours truly,
Blank Noise Team

Contact : / 91.9886840612


  • Have you walked, not having to think twice about the width of your smile,the length of your blouse,  skirt, tee neck, sleeve.
  • Have you clenched your fist so hard ,worn a frown, sharpened elbows out ?
  • Does your daily list of every place, person, garment you ‘avoid’/ deny reveal a larger something- that you decide where to go, how to go, what time to go, what clothes to go in, with whom to go based on your safety?
  • Have you too been warned, just like me, about places, our bodies, our clothes, our cities, our streets?
  • An environment that constantly reminds women and girls to be careful , is also messaging out “ you experienced violence because you were not being careful enough”. Warnings lead to blame, blame leads to silence and shame. Our environments need to be made safe and inclusive, rather than have women carry the weight of warnings and fear. #INeverAskForIt #WalkAlone Towards Freedom From Fear.

Walk Alone. Akeli Awaara Azaad ( Alone / Wanderer / Free ) : Register

  • Have you walked, not having to think twice about the width of your smile,the length of your blouse,  skirt, tee neck, sleeve.
  • Have you clenched your fist so hard ,worn a frown, sharpened elbows out ?
  • Does your daily list of every place, person, garment you ‘avoid’/ deny reveal a larger something- that you decide where to go, how to go, what time to go, what clothes to go in, with whom to go based on your safety?
Have you too been warned, just like me, about places, our bodies, our clothes, our cities, our streets?

An environment that constantly reminds women and girls to be careful , is also messaging out “ you experienced violence because you were not being careful enough”. Warnings lead to blame, blame leads to silence and shame. Our environments need to be made safe and inclusive, rather than have women carry the weight of warnings and fear. #INeverAskForIt #WalkAlone Towards Freedom From Fear.

Blank Noise, in joined forces with Why Loiter, Take Back The Night Kolkata , Amnesty India
100 Action Heroes #WalkAlone
Friday, 2nd December
anytime between
9 pm - midnight

Women occupy streets at night.
Alone. Wandering. Walking.
Stop To Gaze At The Stars
Smell the night blooming flowers
We are many
We are visible

Action Heroes co create safe spaces
We Walk Alone, Together ;
Towards Freedom From Fear

Here’s how: identify site ( is it unfamiliar / unknown / desired? )

* Read event faqs here

Action Heroes and allies have registered from cities across India and beyond
A complete list will be out on the 2nd December morning.

Walk Alone was initiated in 2015 and has been built by Action Heroes and organisational allies from across cities/ towns/ countries including Ranchi, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Philadelphia, Braunschweig, Toronto, Karachi, Melbourne, Koppa, Kohima, Shillong.

Yours truly,
Blank Noise Team

Contact : / 91.9886840612

Action Heroes Will Walk Alone Once Again on December 2, 2016 !

Action Heroes Walk Alone on September 25
The right to live without warnings
Freedom From Fear
I Never Ask For It.
Walk Alone on December 2nd
Register here

Action Hero Lisa
Braunschweig, Germany

I walked through the complete inner city (which isn't large) in the early morning hours (1-3 a.m.) to conquer my fear of drunk party folks.
Action Hero Madhura
Action Hero Chryselle
Via twitter
Lucky to #WalkAlone in goa where generally people leave you alone even when you’re dressed in shorts at 10:30 pm # adifferentIndia
Many men about. The only women around are at the casinos- waiting to enter or leave. With male companions, of course. #WalkAlone

It’s rainy tonight and the streets are deserted. And perfectly lovely. #Walk Alone.
Action Hero Fiona
Action Hero Gayathri
I have never walked alone in India at 11:30pm, ever. That statement by itself sounds quite weird, since I tend to prefer walking and don't usually shy from it (during the daytime, at least). It’s not that I don’t go out at night; I do but it's always in the safety of my car or with friends and family who can “protect” me. So, this #walkalone was a first for me. At first, I admit that I had to force myself to not keep looking back every few steps or jump at every extra loud sound but by the end of the walk, it felt like freedom and victory. I felt encouraged and like solitary walks maybe one of the best way to connect with myself. Through this walk I learned to better trust my instincts, take courage to keep going and most importantly, put a little more faith in the goodness of humanity, I suppose.

Action Hero Jennifer Fatogun

Being able to walk into the night, in silence, savouring the air that is free off car exhaust fumes and the dust kicked up by endless wheels grinding on the ground, felt almost like heaven. No, it felt better, it felt like freedom.
Action Hero Sascha Hughes Caley
Via Twitter
“Renegotiating public space in Kensington. The right to live unwarned”

Action Hero Satya Gummuluri  
Location: 25th Wilson Garden, Bangalore

“A curious policeman stopped to inquire and warn me about chors in the area as i took the selfie”

Action Heroes/ Friends and Allies Jagori Jagori Suneeta Dhar , Yael Silliman, Madhu Khetan
Location: Ranchi
Action Heroes Lijya Perayil +
Being in the front I loved choosing which streets to take. Since nobody was in front of me for most of the time, I didn't have an eye on anyone, except when sudden gushes of worry would engulf my mind and I'd look back to check on the rest of you and be assured of your safety.

I didn't feel any sense of threat at all. Possibly because I knew the rest of you were behind me and mentally I was thus feeling reassured. Plus, while some streets in that area I was taking for the first time, largely I was familiar with most parts of it. While walking in Patrakar Nagar, I felt many curious looks coming my way, especially when I reached the dead end near the police colony and decided to sit on the corner bench amongst the groups of men hanging around on the benches. Telin was still a while away at that point and it looked like I was alone. I couldn't see her. Even at that point I didn't feel threat or scared. I felt onlookers around give me a look of concern and wonder.

It felt absolutely great to reconnect and meet you and Kahini (after such a long time!) and I'm glad this Blank Noise project introduced me to a gem of a person that is Sayali :) I enjoyed all of your company thoroughly and it felt good to get out and do this with the action hero spirit in each of you.

And Yes, may we be able to do many more indeed! Cheers (clink** clink**)

Sayali Patwardhan
Since I have a little one, and its been my husband and me that we take care of her - I was almost certain that I would participate in the walk for an hour or an hour and a half. However, after we began our event and started walking, time flew past; I was enjoying myself and was taking in the new experience, and didn't feel like leaving half way and going I decided to stay...and I let my hubby know that I would return later.
The time of the night when we walked was not that late - people were carrying out their mundane, day to day things; and we were on a mission; at least that is how I felt it - I was out to experience and explore something new, completely novel, without any preconceived notions or expectations. This was in complete contrast to the busy life that was taking place all around us...that was a bit funny - in the sense that, I think because there was so much regular/routine stuff going on all over, we didn't get a real/fair chance to experience perhaps what we may have during quieter/later/wee hours. Do you agree with me?
Needless to say, doing the walk during later hours would be an altogether different experience!, including the fact that we would perhaps be a lot less comfortable, ready, willing, to participate. What do you all think?
Opposed to Lijya's placement in our ant-line walk, I was at the other end. I was the last one in the line. I was constantly trying to maintain a reasonably large distance between Kahini (second last in the line) and me. I was slowing down my pace (since usually walk quite briskly, that is my natural pace), starting later; trying out such stuff. At times this became a bit challenging. I had to remind myself of the distance - I thought that to an outsider we should not look like a group, so we had to be far apart and yet be able to see the person next in line...this is my interpretation.
On the whole, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I liked the bonding. I would definitely like to do more and more such things with you all in the coming days...
I also think that if everyone likes, we could also meet up now and then for talking, just hanging out, discussing things, and doing that which are not explicitly BN themes related. I think it would be nice to create and be a part of such a community. How do you all feel?

Shrishtee Bajpai
It was great meeting you folks last week. I had really good time walking not so akeli, not so awara and some bit aazad with you all. I say not so akeli because I did have a sense of security and conformity that I am not really alone. not so awara because I am still trying to completely be myself while I am on the roads.. and I did feel a bit Aazad because I did it, we all did it and we walked together doing our bit to reclaim spaces for women.
I think that is a really good start for me and I am glad that I could join you guys. Thank you Lijya for informing and ringing me up.
Let's do it again. more often..

Action Hero Sunayana Roy
(Via twitter)
Interesting how much security I derive from having my phone in my hand when I’m out late at night #WalkAlone
Sat own for a break on the kerb because I’ve been up since 5 am and my legs hurt
Behind me, the lights of Bangalore’s Outer Ring Road #WalkAlone
Ahead of me a dark road towards big office Buildings #WalkAlone
Behind me is a bus park. Wanted to walk through it but decided at 10:30 was not the time after all.
Action Hero Rukaiya
Location city/ place unknown.
The experience of walk alone was awesome.A girl should have enough mental power to walk alone in night. She should explore her desired places.

Action Hero Abhisikta Dasgupta

I walked in Koramangala area of Bangalore, India, on the main road, on the inner roads, on the roads with street lights (for the selfies), and on the roads without.

Why you ask? Well, just because I wanted to.

This wasn't the first time I walked alone after dark, but it was the first time I roamed around on the streets without a purpose.

I wasn't scared, but I wasn't cautious as well this time around. I didn't keep my eyes and ears open to be ready for some unknown danger.

I had my headset on, blasting music into my ears, and I roamed around singing, dancing, walking, jumping, doing a spin once in awhile.

I passed a few late night chai shops on my way, mainly crowded by men with a few girls around, who had come out with their male companions. Most of them looked at me with an inquisitive curiosity, I guess they were trying to decipher in their head, what I was upto and it made me laugh, which I guess made them even more curious.

I felt no fear. I felt happy, I felt sad (Arijit Singh's songs always make me cry) and I felt liberated.

Action Hero Paramita Majumder
I walked on the street , not very far from my house, around 8.15 PM.. Since it was a Sunday the streets wore a deserted look . Most shops, however were open . I walked the entire stretch of the street. I did not face any curious glances in my direction.. However, I did notice that hardly any unaccompanied women were on the street. There were people making last minute purchases from the the vegetable and grocery shops. Many young men were standing near the tea stalls smoking or drinking tea and chatting . No big groups anywhere....just two or three men standing .

Rutuja Chitra-Tarak

I was excited to do the #WalkAlone at the Majestic area, for it seemed quite challenging and interesting of a public space at night than the residential area I live in. I had a friend from Egypt to join me in the walk, who had gone through an extreme case of sexual harassment last year in India, so we had to take calculated risks as well. Ultimately we ended up  four women walking together, but since even that is not common, it was still something that needed to become the norm. Being together gave us enough fearlessness to explore those lanes and spaces that I wouldn’t have tried walking alone right in the beginning of this adventure.
We began walking from Majestic bus stand and then into the small lanes that led us into closely packed residential area, with at times 6 feet wide lanes. Lanes were lit with yellow lights, but at 11 in the night, only men were to be seen onto the lanes. One of the friends mentioned how only 3 women were found during the wholewalk—one was filling water outside her house and others were accompanied by men. The number of men had decreased as we moved from bus stand into the small lanes. It also became steadily quiet and with time. Groups of men were found to be chatting casually in the. To me we got relatively few stares than I was expecting and only one significant comment from a group of 15 men. But that’s all.
We were pretty relaxed actually, casually roaming about, stopping by to check out film posters, trees, almost 6 feet wide small lanes at times... it was quite fun actually. Those lanes with double storied chawls/houses looked quite something to observe. The area is not that pretty I felt—especially in the night, the cement concretish material of the footpath, when dirty and broken gets into you. And to see homeless people sleeping right onto the foothpaths. Great time to inspect the city nevertheless.
At the end of the walk wished to walk again, somewhere else, alone.

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Hahaha Sangha Saturdays initiated by Yelahanka Action Heroes !


HaHaHa Sangha led by The Yelahanka Action Heroes was re initiated, today, November 19th, 2016  after a three year break! We are thrilled to re convene.  Hahaha Sangha will meet every Saturday at 9 am.  (Link to view the first Hahahah Sangha cycle)

Action Hero Yashodra ( President of the Sangha)
Action Hero Sampige ( Hahaha Sangha Mantri/ Minister)
Action Hero Chandramma
Action Hero Padma
Action Hero Vira
Action Hero Renuka
Action Hero Frauke
Action Hero Vishal
Action Hero Victoria
Action Hero Usha
Action Hero Radha
Action Hero Amrita
Action Hero Ratnamma
Action Hero Jasmeen




Witch like









I know you.
I see you .
I love you.
I thank you. 

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