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Gynaecologists We Trust: From Amba Azad and Team

Last week Amba Azad tweeted a call for contributions, titled ' Gynaecologists We Trust' .

Initiated by @AmbaAzad and Team

This is an attempt to crowdsource a directory of trustworthy gynaecologists. Finding doctors who are on our side is hard enough, and when it comes to something as intimate as our internal plumbing, it's even more difficult.
We need gynaes who are well-trained, affordable, reassuring, and above all, respectful of any sexual or lifestyle choices we make.
We need doctors who know that not all people want their uterus, and that not all people with uteri are women.
We need medical expertise devoid of moral judgements regarding how we use our bodies.
And we need compassionate care that we can rely on when we are scared, in pain and sick, without any shaming for being promiscuous, queer, single, trans, abused, kinky, disabled, fat, childless, or any other aspect of our social identity that should have no relevance to the quality of medical care we deserve.
The folks who’ve spent time and energy filling out our survey to help us crowdsource this list have our gratitude! Our survey remains open, and if you have a positive experience with a gynaecologist whom you’d like to see included on this list, please do fill out the form yourself to share their info with us -
If you have questions or feedback about this project, you can get in touch with us via email (, twitter (@AmbaAzaad) or by filling out the last question of our form along with an email address we can reach you at. (
Find a recommended gynaecologist in your city!

#DoingItRight Every Monday

'Mens Baby Change' When you see this sign You know Airport is

Affirmative Action Creates Ripples

Actor and celebrated 'Action Hero' Kangana Ranaut refused to endorse a fairness cream.  #DoingItRight
* Starting the week with some goodness. Look out for our #DoingItRight series every Monday, starting June 1st.

We're also calling for an 'Action Hero' who would be interested in curating ‪#‎DoingItRight‬ . This would mean tweeting 5 affirmative actions happening worldwide to build safe spaces. 
One year on from Safe City Pledge, we celebrate, who, what, where is doing it right, to eradicate gender based violence . Because we need to make the good visible. In saying " I Never Ask For It " here's what we're also asking for. Small steps. Big change. 

Requirement :
> minimum commitment - 1 month
> role- research towards #DoingItRight
> tweeting on Mondays

Rewards:> Action Hero-ism unbound
> Affirmative action could lead to happiness.
Apply. Email Starting June 1st !

Action Hero Team includes: Neeha Mujeeb, Sukriti Suryavanshi, Vira Mistry

#DoingItRight Digest ( in order of most recent )

26th October, 2015

The day Iceland's women went on strike - Oct 24 #DoingItRight #History

Remembering the Suffragettes // BBC Archives #DoingItRight #History

Tweet about release of film "Suffragette" and an opening up of debate on women and sexism in Hollywood.

Suffragette writer didn't get a job because she 'didn't flirt enough' #INAFI

Tweet about upcoming Bond release.

Daniel Craig calls out Hollywood's sexist aging double standard #DoingItRight

Jennifer Lawrence pens essay on Hollywood sexism

Actresses on the stubborn sexism in Hollywood

Bollywood actresses are challenging sexist stereotypes by cheering on one of their own

The brutal, sexist harassment Bollywood actresses face on Twitter

Stop the Cyber-War On Women

Chvrches singer condemns sexist abuse from online trolls

Mia Matsumiya, a violinist based in Los Angeles, has taken a stand against sexual harassment and abuse online by posting screenshots of offensive messages she's received over the past decade. @mia_matsumiya


This Woman Was Harassed Over Her Tinder Profile Pic and Now She's Fighting Back

Sexual Violence Won't Be Silenced is a Sydney based advocacy group that combats online sexual harassment @svwbs

Nice to see a mainstream magazine, Elle, talking about feminism
How to be a Feminist - Carey Mulligan, lead in Sufragette

 28th September, 2015

11 young women empowering their communities honoured by the White House  #USA #DoingItRight

Essay by @bonni07 about his girlfriend's experience with harassment. He says, Speak up!! #DoingItRight

A Scientist tackles online casual sexism. She says, Speak up!! - #STEM #DoingItRight

Recruitment poster in SF sparks comments against woman's appearance & credibility as an Engineer. #STEM #INeverAskForIt

From not making “the right face” to unbelievable as to "what female engineers look like” #STEM #INeverAskForIt 

What does an Engineer look like? Tackling prejudice faced by female engineers and people working in STEM worldwide #USA #DoingItRight

Licia Ronzulli, Italian Member of European Parliament brings her daughter to her workplace. #Italy #DoingItRight

"To remind people that there are women who do not have this opportunity [to bring their children to work], that we should do something to talk about this." 

Barrister names a senior partner at a London law firm who sent her a LinkedIn message praising her "stunning" profile picture. #UK #INAFI #DoingItRight

Ending with tweets about Sheetal Sathe of Kabir Kala Manch and her work as an activist.

Sheetal sings of Mothers' hardships providing for their children

 7th September, 2015

It's Monday again, ! Today's tweets brought to you by . Here we go...

To wrap up Monday, a poignant story from Flavia Carvalho's free tattoos for DV Survivors

Is this ? Scratching my head here: Designated Women's Parking spots in . Your thoughts?

German group is fighting against sexism in ’s most influential tabloid ‘Bild'.

So gets tough on harassment & sexist ads on public transport w/ laws, fines & more. French Govt

Paris to Bid Adieu to Sexual Harassment on Public Transport. Acts now punishable by law! is

10th August, 2015

This week's brought to you by . An affirmative start to a great week ahead!

Today's list includes the following:

first to grant equal rights to all women irrespective of sexual orientation

Londoner Completes Marathon Without Tampon. Would you have done the same?

Watch these slam artists discuss periods through poetry .

Celebrating Manabi Bandopadhyay, the world's first transgender college principal

Women take to the sky! & first female pilots in their countries

breaking societal norms , rides solo across northern areas

US Navy with 18 months maternity leave. Now how about 18 months paternity leave?

- 98% of people believe homosexuality is morally unacceptable. supporting gay rights

3rd August, 2015

This Monday's #DoingItRight brought to you by @ViraMistry

Today's list includes the following:

The #AbortionPill is finally legalized in #Canada. #DoingItRight providing women with safe options.

27th July, 2015

This Monday's #DoingItRight brought to you by #ActionHero @ViraMistry

Today's list includes the following:

"I’m interested in women being shamed for just having functioning parts " @MsMapes #Artist #Activist #DoingItRight 

Photographer @CareyLynne sets it right #DoingItRight with her American beauties project. We are many kinds beauty 

Central Govt #India announces 3 month paid leave on reporting sexual harassment at work #DoingItRight? Your thoughts? 

#JacksonIrungu #DoingItRight says she has set herself free by becoming a woman #transgender 

No one type of cover girl. Yes. We are proud, whole and diverse bodies .@WomensRunning #DoingItRight  Erica Schenk

July 20th, 2015

Mondays here again! This Mondays affirmative actions brought to u by .

Today's list includes the following:
Is someone somewhere to end sexual gender based violence? Small step Big change. Identify. Add. Share

"They’re getting bullied...beaten up.. murdered, ... committing suicide”

marries at 60. shifting social norms. Make a new cool.

demands sanitary pad for those in police custody
Calling it what it is. .

Identify a minister/ politician taking a step to end + sexual violence? recent times

responds to question on her weight.

July 13th, 2015

#DoingItRight reports affirmative actions to end gender based and sexual violence from around the globe.
Today's list includes the following:

200 lawyers are #DoingItRight by defending two Moroccon women being tried for "indecent dressing" ‪#‎INeverAskForIt‬

India's Supreme Court is #DoingItRight by granting guardianship to an unwed mother without the consent of the father

"A feminist? Why do you hate men?" @GynoStar #DoingItRight w/ illustrations on being a ‪#‎Feminist‬ in the modern world

Women artists ‪#‎Pakistan‬ #DoingItRight taking forward @Sabeen Mahmud's legacy @TheSecondFloor ‪#‎FreedomOfSpeech‬
If you smell good news this week, send it our way.
Contribute to #DoingItRight .…/1THU3IyntjwhNyOXXUNsk2q…/viewform…

June 29th, 2015.

top list #LoveWins @POTUS @usa #DoingItRight  by legalizing gay/lesbian marriage in all 50 states! 

affirmative news is good for you /us.  This monday  tell us who what where is #DoingITRight to eradicate #GBV #VAW @rishie_ 

When you have the courage to #DoingItRight . Many will follow. Affirmative Actions Ripple

.@iamjohnoliver discusses lack of legal consequences for online harrassment of women #DoingItRight #INeverAskForIt

Watch the top 7 #DoingItRight ad campaigns selected for the @sherylsandberg @Cannes_Lions Glass Lion award

Barnard Women's College will now accept those who identify themselves as women regardless of gender #DoingItRight

NALSAR is #DoingItRight by granting India's first gender neutral graduation certificate. #LGBTQ

Clitoris + Glitter = Klittra - Sweden is #DoingItRight by crowd-sourcing word for female masturbation


June 22nd 2015.
"If you are not yourself, then who are you?" Kids react to Caitlyn Jenner via @SheKnows #DoingItRight #LGBTQ

2 women and 14 men are #DoingItRight by choosing vulnerability over aggression #Conscription #Lithuania 

Vrindavan widows are #DoingItRight with color, play, holi and celebration via @AJENews

@MenCareGlobal and fathers from around the world are #DoingItRight in this heartwarming video #FathersDay

@Google is #DoingItRight by tackling #RevengePorn #INeverAskForIt

June 15 , 2015
‪#‎DoingItRight‬ is brought to you by ‪#‎ActionHeroes‬@SukritiSuryavanshi @ViraMistry @NeehaMujeeb !
‪#‎Iran‬ s step towards ‪#‎DoingItRight‬. Minister ‪#‎AbdolhamidAhmadi‬ approves a govt proposal-allow women watch games

We celebrate Irani ‪#‎ActionHero‬ @Masih_Alinejad for ‪#‎DoingItRight‬. Build Desire. A wish.