highlighting a social evil


easy to say - "it only happens to other people", and "im not responsible for it".
fact is , eve-teasing will touch your life even if you dont indulge in it , or are victimized by it.


as a upstanding member of the human species , i find it reprehensible that guys would indulge in passing filthy remarks about people who are daughters, wives, mothers.
as much as i'd like to ignore it happens , it does.


The people in the position to halt it OFFICIALLY shrug off responsibility by saying "she's to blame for it!" and "western attire will invite that" .... i happen to believe that is RANK BULLSHIT.


im sure that girls wearing demure shalwar kameezes and saris too have been 'molested verbally'...and their attitude has NOTHING to do with the misdemeanour.


as i started to say before, its all about the ability to decide not to - the fact that there's a pretty girl on the street , does NOT warrant for a guy to go ahead and invite her attentions, by means fair or foul.


Hindi MAINSTREAM cinema, has a bit to contribute, in its wanton celebration of "Hero playing the bad guy, wins the attention of the heroine". maybe the people who indulge in Eve-teasing, do NOT have the necessary reasoning power to respect ANY girl.


a guy trying to stop this will either be beaten up , or come to worse bodily harm. at best, he can be told "teri kya lagti hai ?".


like ragging , as in eve-teasing, the best way to cure this social ill is summed up in a phrase from "Bartleby the Scrivener" by Hermann Melville.


"I Choose Not To "


-Action Hero Neel