Smash, drip and evaporate...learn to be a woman.

After reading through the various posts at this brilliant blog and sifting through my own experiences and bloody extractions,I have written this piece...


and it's still in process...


Smash smash smash.The satisfying sound of the glass crashing down .The time standing still for those few seconds .The liberation.The sexy crunch of the glass…




But that feeling is too much to ask of this world. So I smash my mind instead .And heart doesn’t soar … Like it should at the sound of breaking rules. The smashed bloody mind just takes it silently… No fun there, I tell you!


I should be ‘losing control’ the way men on the bikes did in ‘Rang De Basanti’ .While the pretty girls cheered them on .Didn’t they make your body pulsate with what all that you want to do? Not mine though! I was too busy giving in to control.
Screams free you! They did that too Naseeruddin Shah in Hero Heeralal But what happens to the screams of the heroines?


Heroines…the babes who get raped and after some eve teasing fall in love and promptly touch the feet of the savior husband after the interval.
I am telling you there can be nothing as awe inspiring as the justice of the Hindi films. Nothing as spiritually elevating.


see it's like this-You sexually molest me and I fall in love with you instantly…okay?
And then I marry you and I look up to you all my life…okay? So what I have done is that I have begged you to save me from yourself…understood?


Also add to it some economics .Isn’t it more cost effective to rape me every night? After that genius stroke of ‘mangalsutra’ .Than to rape me just once in while. Also now you can focus on so many more freelance rapes…


Marriage is all about common sense, my love.


And believe me I am going to slap the next, educated person who complains about the aimless youth…especially men. Seriously, get a life dude!


Aimless? Unemployed? Look at all the hard work that they put in.
First they decide what a beautiful woman should look like
Small waist. Toned thighs Cute ass? The poor men …they have to constantly decide whether bigger is better…or maybe it should be small and firm… then...Smooth skin…no pimples…not dark


Not too big, not too small, not too sagging, not too perked up- breasts.
And if you feminist… loser… loner whatever shit they call you these days
Don’t come up to the standards they have to fail you and you can curl up in your bed alone and let your heart shrivel up. And this is just in short what all they have to keep an eye on.



Then the other group swings in action . See.they are men and therefore practical so they divide the work amongst them …fine?


So the other groups sit in various, inconvenient, uncomfortable places like buses and roads nd offices and homes .And then they have to pinch, grope, maul, twist, slap
and do all that physically excruciating work … because the bloody women always look enticing…


And they have to do that

You think it’s fun for them.

You think they enjoy this.

They ask irritably and wearily.

And I feel sorry for the poor darlings

Can they help it…that unfortunate hard-on and all that

When they see anything that resembles a woman

And they must despite themselves

do all of the above.

Please understand na,

They are men…

What can they do?


Yesterday i was watching Madagascar and the most fantastic part of the film according to me is where Alex the lion is frantic with worry and he cages himself and asks himself and later his Zebra friend if he is really a monster...with all the hunger that is killing him and all the temptations around he is petrified of himself....and I wondered if any of the molestors have had that dillemma ...are they actually monsters from inside?


Alex the lion won the battle with his monster self by the way...


- Action Hero Nandini Arora