Listening, Looking, Ignoring


I’ve been a spectator for a while now.


I watched silently, Krishna in tow, when a bunch of classmates decided to take a peek into the girls dressing room on a trip to Bangalore. And listened to their stories - much exaggerated, much embellished - afterwards, and wondered for a second if Krishna and I had missed out on something. Later, guilt.


I expressed a bit of disbelief and not much more when I heard that some of the guys that I studied with worked. Where working means getting off standing behind a girl in a crowded bus. Really getting off.


I’ve seen a lot. In buses and movie theaters, upscale malls and vegetable markets. From catcalls to breathing down the neck, from elbowing a fellow passenger to things a bit more than elbowing. Everytime, a silent “What the…” and I’ve moved on. Sometimes, not even that.


And for the last week, I’ve watched an incredible lineup of posts for the Blank Noise Blogathon, and stayed silent myself.


Until now, until this post. In the hope that something’ll come out of it all.


- Action Hero Karthik