Here. I'll stereotype.

No woman (or man) deserves to be raped or be forced to defend against unwanted sexual advances of any kind, whether it be a "harmless" remark, kiss, or touch. Men that partake in such activities have no honor nor the worth to exist as a human being.


Well, now that we've dispersed with that.


Women should be treated with respect and reverence, as should all creatures that walk upon this earth. But a woman who does not respect herself first and foremost cannot (may not) command it from her fellow beings. I understand the freedom to dress as you choose and select as you please. There is very little law enforcement here in America involved in what a woman cannot wear in public. Rules exist, but hardly enforced.


Here. I'll stereotype.


Walking down the streets of New York City in a skimpy mini skirt, gossamer thin tube top (which makes it apparent that no bra is worn) and three inch stiletto heels topped with fishnet stockings complete the image. The woman sways down the street and elicits a few howls, a few comments, and maybe a few over zealous and bold passerbys. Maybe she has the grave misfortune to walk into the wrong alley, or bump into the wrong person. Maybe something worse happens. Did she deserve her treatment? I honestly say, no, of course she did not. But did she attract the attention upon herself? Yes, I believe she did.


As a woman (girl), I have never understood the desire of another woman to set herself on display in such a fashion. To show her assets. Oh my, look how large her breasts are. How long her legs are. Look how tiny her waist is. Obviously, America is very liberal. Some European countries are liberal-er. In my opinion, this is a way of debasing ourselves and setting such a discouraging manner. Please, lets leave that up to show biz and Hollywood, hmm?


Women are still hurt, of course. They have been hurt for quite some time and, sadly, will continued to be hurt come time and time again. It does not matter whether she wear a sari or a burka. Whether she attracts the attention or not. It still happens, even if she's covered very decently head to toe; dupatta and all. Part of me wonders wether God decides to sleep those awful moments; why such abusers are ever created. Why they're allowed to leave and poison the air we breathe.


I was in India this past summer. I've witnessed the eve teasings, the leers, the double entendres and the eventual gropes that juxtapose such words. Men's eyes follow women, whether be thin or fat, ugly or beautiful. The overcrowded buses allow these indecent men to cop a feel. The men that raid the train's women's compartments at nights (and even at day). This does not just occur there but all over the world, but my experiences are very limited.


Setting personal experiences aside, I would like to say that there are more decent men out there. There are those who choose to be protectors rather than abusers.


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- Action Hero Gerz / fLwrLaK