Blank Noise is a community of citizens, women and persons, also known as ‘Action Heroes’, united to eradicate sexual and gender based violence. Action Heroes, are persons, like you, and me, stepping into their power and agency to shift environments of defence and threat , to trust. Action Heroes step in, to fight fear. Action Heroes join forces to end victim blame. Action Heroes listen in , to heal. 

Something you don't leave home without?  Add it to the Museum Of Street Weapons Of Defence.  


Akeli Awaara Azaad :

What does being Akeli Awaara Azaad mean to you?
Was it taught? Was it learnt?
Do you fiercely protect your Akeli Awaara Azaad spirit ?
Do you take a moment to celebrate it?
What does Akeli Awaara Azaad mean in the context of being divorced, in a relationship, married,  widowed, never ‘unmarried’ , single? 

#AkeliAwaaraAzaad on instagram. Tag @BlankNoiseActionHeroes.
Duration: Through May 2018 in collaboration with Akeli Awaara Azaad Women & Girls.

Akeli Awaara Azaad:  the right to live alone/ independent, unapologetic, free. Language urdu/ hindi.
Text on t shirt is in hindi. Urdu tshirt available in April 2018. Get your AAA tee here

There’s one story that pretty much sums up my spirit of being #AkeliAwaaraAzaad. For me, turning 26, has been exciting, challenging and rewarding. But, it has also meant being bombarded with regressive remarks about my single hood, my independence and my agency. Patriarchy had caught up with me, I was suddenly of marriagable age. I went from being 'single' to being 'unmarried'. 💩 So I was asked to send across an 'acceptable' photo of myself for its un consenting circulation among my family’s ‘Match Makers’. After many polite no’s, angry no’s, loud no’s, I gave in. I gave in, but not without a good laugh. I sent this badass picture to mommy dearest, giggling the whole time. 
Did she giggle? 
Eeshita - 1/ Patriarchy - 0


 photo credit @TED (2017) photographer: Amit Mahadesiya.  TED Talks India Nayi Soch , hosted by Shahrukh Khan.   View founder Jasmeen Patheja's  TED talk  .

photo credit @TED (2017) photographer: Amit Mahadesiya. 
TED Talks India Nayi Soch , hosted by Shahrukh Khan.

View founder Jasmeen Patheja's TED talk .


Unite To End Blame : Step In To Build #INeverAskForIt


Meet To Sleep

Take a nap in your public parks. Sleep. Alone. Together.

MTS Anon.jpg

JUNE 16: 2018

Next MEET TO SLEEP is on Saturday, 11th August , 2018. Global Call For Action.

December 16, 2017, marked five years since the gang rape and murder of Jyoti Singh, also known as Nirbhaya.We pledge to not forget.  Action Heroes: Allies, Citizens, Persons, Women, in India, built Meet To Sleep, across public parks in 18 towns, cities, districts. SEE MORE

Video: Moments Of A Long Pause . Year (2008). Interviews women and men across the streets of Delhi, Agra, Ludhiana, Amritsar and Kolkata, on street harassment. The piece was commissioned by Bronx Museum Of Art.