Blank Noise is a growing community of citizens, women and persons, also known as ‘Action Sheroes/ Theyroes/ Heroes’. Action Sheroes, are persons, like you, and me, stepping into their power and capacity end sexual and gender based violence.
Action Sheroes confront the fear. Action Sheroes work to shift the given environments of defence and threat, to trust.
Action Sheroes end victim blame, resonating, roaring, #INeverAskForIt. Action Sheroes speak about sexual assault, (when ready). Action Sheroes offer listening in; learn to witness. Action Sheroes heal.  


December 16, 2018, marks six years since the gang rape and murder of Jyoti Singh, also known as Nirbhaya.
We pledge to not forget. 

Build #MeetToSleep where you live on December 16th, 2018, between 2-5 pm

Action Sheroes , citizens and allies, from across 18 cities / towns/ places will #MeetToSleep :
Places include Agonda, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bidar, Cochin, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Karachi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Patiala, Panjim, Peru, Pune, Sagar and Vadodara.

Meet To Sleep 2018 allies include citizens, women, girls, persons and organisations/ collectives including One Billion Rising Delhi, Crea, Femme Fridays- Bhopal, CAFP, Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangattan, Sangamma, Srijanatmak Manushi Sanstha- Delhi, Safe Cities Plan India , Why Loiter and more.

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Sign up. Participate. Collaborate. Co Create.
Register to Meet To Sleep here.

You are encouraged to bring a friend. family. neighbours or the stranger you shared this event with. Speak. Connect. Ignite. Invite.

Registrations will be updated at the end of each day.

Meet To Sleep (2018), Language, Hindi

Action Shero Babita is championing Meet To Sleep (2018) from Hazaribag, Jharkhand. Join Babita, or champion the call where you are.

Kamla Bhasin, champions Meet To Sleep with One Billion Rising, Delhi. (2017)

#INeverAskForIt . Unite To Eradicate Victim Blame.

I Never Ask For It is a long term mission and commitment to end victim blame and all attitudes that have long justified sexual violence as experienced across spaces, identities and geographies, by building testimonies of clothing. Your garment is witness, memory and voice. In 2023, ten thousand garments will assemble and stand in sites of public significance. This is a global call to action. Join the mission. Unite to end victim blame.


Feminist Allies Unite

Building I Never Ask For It together.

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Campus Students Unite

Towards ending victim blame and creating a feminist Action Shero Campus Network

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Your garment is memory. witness. voice to an experience of sexual assault. You are not alone.

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Listening Circle

The Listener is An Action Shero.
We facilitate Listening Circles every month.

I feel safe when I am heard.
I feel safe when I am not judged.
I feel safe when I don’t have to justify myself, over and over and over again.
I, Action Shero, am your safe space,
as you are mine.
I Never Ask For It.
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Meet To Sleep Register Here!

Build it where you are. Call to Global Action


Invest in a future where women and girls live free from fear.


#MeToo #MeTooIndia

We unite in solidarity with all who have spoken and who may speak.
May We Never Have To Explain Why We Didn't Report Earlier.


Action Sheroes/ Theyroes/ Heroes on campus:


Volunteer or Intern

Take Agency To End Sexual and Gender Based Violence

Internship Project

Climate Reading:
Towards Building an Action Shero- Feminist Campus

Starting January 15th, 2019

CAMPUS UPRISING : spotlighting victim blame on campus across India and beyond.

Campus Uprising is a participatory research and community building project, documenting student led protests in response to rape culture, patriarchy, victim blame on campus. Join the Campus Uprising research and community building team by signing up to intern here and to read more about the ongoing project, visit here.


Akeli Awaara Azaad अकेली आवारा आज़ाद 


Are you Akeli Awaara Azaad? What do the three words mean to you?
500+ Action Sheroes across towns, cities, countries have stepped in asserting our right to live free from fear, warnings and blame. Unite to celebrate being an unapologetic self. Marching towards our fullest potential. #AkeliAwaaraAzaad
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#TEDTalksIndiaNayiSoch, TED Talks in collaboration with Star Plus, hosted by Shahrukh Khan. (2017)
Photo credit: Amit Madheshiya


2019 upcoming interventions


Talk To Me
February 19, 2019

Registration will be open soon


Moments Of A Long Pause is a two channel video, interviewing women and men across the streets of Delhi, Agra, Ludhiana, Amritsar and Kolkata, on street harassment. The piece was commissioned by Bronx Museum Of Art towards the show, Street Art, Street Life (2008).

Something you don’t leave home without?
Add it to the Museum Of Street Weapons Of Defence