Long ago, …cant remember the year/month/date - It was approx 8:30 in the morning, usual time to leave for the college. I was standing at the bus-stop, waiting for 114 (Grameen Mudrika) to come. Just then two ladies stepped down a bus - we had a small institute nearby (maybe for some vocational studies) for which many female students used to come in the morning via local busses.

But just when the ladies were stepping down the bus, a guy just happened to come in front of them & they almost collided - it was neither’s fault. The guy was hit a bit - but nothing major. Though the ladies apologised (even when it was neither’s fault), the guy started abusing them… All this time I was there, standing at the bus-stand. But when he started abusing, I could not stop myself & decided to step in. I managed to get inbetween the ladies & the guy, turned towards the ladies, requested them to leave - telling them that I’ll take care of the guy! & then I turned towards him, who was now almost frowning & gave him a good stare. Though I was in a no mood to fight, but was ready to tell him sternly that what he was doing was not atall civilized! But I think that he himself understood that when I started staring at him - he turned around & went his way.

Nothing heroic - But it takes just a little to stop someone from being harrased. Stand up for it when the need be!

Posted 22nd March 2007 by J