Here's what Shwetha Shenoy, my colleague & an awesome action hero, wants to share:

This is one of the incidents I can never forget!! Coz I was involved.

I travel by bus. As usual I got into a bus n two stops later this gal aged about 22yrs follwed by a middle aged guy got in.. I was sitting. That gal was standing just opposite to me n was busy over phone. I noticed that the guy was standing right behind her n was tryin to touch her!!! I was shocked. Then, thought (1st time) he must ve done that by mistake.. But then, I saw he continued doing the same n the gal din't even notice.. that was all I could take. I shouted at the guy asking him to go behind as there was enough space available. The guy answered back askin me, what my problem was n I had a seat n why his standing in the front was bothering me??!!!! I lost my temper n said, I'm gonna complain about it. Probably he understood/ he didn't understand, I'm not bothered. Coz the guy went back n stood away from that gal. Later he got down before the bus reached the main bus terminal. Else he would've had it!! The gal dint even notice all this happening in the bus!!!

After we (me n that gal) got down, I went n spoke to that gal n asked her to be more careful n keep her eyes open while traveling in the bus.

Posted 22nd March 2007