And last night's incident reminded me of my experience with 'eve-teasing' in which, amazingly, I did not let myself become a 'victim'. (God alone knows how I hate this word.)
I was travelling in an auto with my friends.And our auto was at a signal when a man, who was crossing the road, reached out his hand in the auto and pinched me. I barely got to see the colour of his sleeve and I ran after him and hit him hard on his back. Abused him standing there on the road...
the most surprising part of it was his expression-HE was surprised!! He couldn't 'understand' why should a girl react.
I think it must have been a first time for him to see a girl reacting to his lewd conduct!
Perhaps inaction of his past 'targets' encouraged him.
All the more reason for us to turn 'Action Heroes' so that others don't become targets because of our 'inaction'.

Posted 22nd March 2007 by J