The feel of your palm hitting an offending entity's cheek.


And when rightly delivered the effects are as desired.

Blogging as part of the BLANK NOISE PROJECT BLOG-A-THON 2007 I am recalling this incident that took place a few months back. December 2006. I was walking home on a Sunday evening around 830, and the stretch was pretty deserted. After 10 minutes of walking I noticed these two men, well, boys actually, because they were no more than college students, like me. they had been following me for quite some time, and were now upping their pace, and were catching up. As I kept at my walk, one of these guys, just brushed past me - full body contact. Stunned for moment, I thought I'd let it pass, 'til I saw both these buggers taking a u-turn a li'l ahead of me, and heading back. As the guy came into my personal space this time round, SMACK!

Once, forgiven. Second time, no.

These fellows actually had the audacity to stop at that moment, and very threateningly tell me, to walk properly on the road without brushing against them. I yelled, really yelled, back at them. And yelled 'til a few of the local 'uncles' started walking up to us to sort out the argument.

*slow grin*

The guys scooted.

But the satisfying part of the entire incident was the moment I hit back. No one uses my body to sidle up against, not without my permission.

Some slaps do feel good.

Posted 22nd March 2007 by J