I was in an auto, coming back from college. you can say i was dressed smartly but definatly not screeming out for attention...on the red light, 2 young guys on bike were standing next to my hapnd so that i noticed the pavillion rider checking me out. i first ignored it, but then the guy getss off the bike and asks where i am going and comes very close to me as i was sitting at the corner of the auto!!

at first i dint respond and pushed myself towards the other side of the auto. but then he asked my auto guy where i was going. at that time i had lost all control. and i snapped at him by rudely saying , " bhaiya ji , aapne jahan jaana hai wahan ka rasta poochiye aur chalte baniye." this didnot affect him, he got more bold and said ," wahi toh jaana chahte hai, jahan aap jaa rahi hai wahin chale jayenge..." i gave him a bad stare and was about to take my cutter out ,but my auto guy managed to escape..and the guys were safe from being dead!!

What did you feel?
humiliated and scared at some point too.

Posted 22nd March 2008