Amrutha Bhushan

Me: Hello, how’ve you been?
B: I am fine. How re you?
Me: why don’t you come home sometime? You are done with all your exams right?!
B: Yeah sure. I will.
Me: you know Ive been talking to people about “eve-teasing” lately. And I’d like to know your story.
B: what story?
Me: About how you felt and what went on in your head when someone ‘eve-teased’ you. AND.. if you have ever tried to resist it or ‘give back’.
B: No. it doesn’t happen to me at all.
Me: really?
Me: you sure?
B: yes.
Me: you mean to say, you ‘ignore it’?
B: Before I used to ‘ignore’ it. But now it doesn’t happen to me at all.
Me: I see.

{B is a 17 year old student. Female.}
Story agent: Amrutha Bhushan