This happened quite a few months back. i was walking as usual along with my friend in thane station heading towards my home when i was jolted by a sharp nick to my hand by a man who just passed by me. i felt extremely angry & was muttering out aloud ' why do these idiotic men do this?' ' what was the reason this guy touched me?', when he could have very easily passed by me without touching as it wasnt crowded at that time. i decided to walk upto him & hit him. i did not hit but tapped him on his shoulder & asked him loud enough so that everyone around could hear me. i demanded from him in hindi that why did he touch my hand, who does he think of himself & told him to walk carefully when he is around girls. his height was less than me & by the way i & my friend approached him, i think he got scared. but he gave a look of defiance, such that i was the one how had done something wrong. but this incident got attention of the other people on the foot-over-bridge & quite a few women glared at him. he was visibly embarrased, couldnt utter a word & walked off before i could finish speaking. this whole episode really left me fuming, but is one of the few instances when i reacted at being touched & it sure gives me inspiration to give back everytime such an instance occurs.

Location: mumbai.
age: not mentioned.

Posted 29th April 2008