Blank Noise Action Hero Cool Tarang

Firstly i would like to thank Blank Noise for creating this platform. I am a student doing B.Tech from HBTI Kanpur,CSE and i would like to start the blank noise in kanpur as well where i think people really need fearless people coming forward and talk about issues which are ignored or largely suppressed. Our college has its Cult. Fest Taal, a two day function with a lot of cultural ho haa. The nite of grand finale is one of the most awaited nites as it is part farewell for the final year,but last year i.e October 2007 few people of my year came to the venue heavily drunk, they started abusing girls at the top of their voice, calling some female batch mates as wh***s and hurling all kinds of degrading abuses common in UP, i was with a couple of friends of mine, the group is known for its hooligan nature and people dont really meddle with their affairs, you know just like most "streetside romeos" who are without conscience wahtsoever. And few of them had grudges against a group of girls who fine even i find haughty at times but still no grudges meant against them. And they ranted out all possible shit that you can imagine, and to baffle me i found most people around me who were literally supporting them, lauding them as if they had just pulled of a hilarious piece of act. That you know is the biggest problem, which at times can really stop you from doing things, stopping people from doing what they are upto. I admit i was reluctant, i am sure those girls listened, any girls or anyone with a clean heart would have prefferd to walk out of the place and many gurls did that, you may say i could have had complained to my faculty, no way folks who would testify no one wants to go to Chief Proctor give testimony and be labelled a snitch. It' not "cool" you know, i tried to go from the place i and almost taken the exit when a thought came to my find that " what if my sister would have been in this crowd would you have had reacted in the same way........." that was enough for me i am medium built and gym is paradise far away for me, i knew i was no match but i slapped the hooligan twice, yeah i had a scuffle but my slap made the impact it had to.......... i got a warning form proctor for "rioting" but may be i was able to highlight thsi issue before the faculty.

Before i end i would love to know if we have anything like Kanpur Chapter of Blank Noise......

Location: Kanpur
Time: 9 pm
Tarang was angry.

Posted 23rd June 2008