i was on a morning walk with my ipod and was on my way back home,when i noticed a man on a scooter around me. he was there for quite some time even when i took a diversion. i decided to walk back home faster and just a couple of houses away, he came alongside me and squeezed one of my breasts. i couldnt hear me coming because i had loud music playing in my ears but i should have probably been more careful. anyway, he sped up after that and i swore at him. he obviously didnt hear me. but after that, i felt horrible.

some weeks later, he followed me around again and this time, i stopped. turned. stared at him to let him know that i could recognise who he was even though he was wearing a helmet that day. looked at him the same way all the times he followed me after that. though not without fear. and with satisfaction, i realised he wasnt there after that! 

experienced: anger. humiliation. degraded. cheap. insulted. shame.hatred for him and his kind.

age- 16
time- 8 30 am
location: basaveswaranagar

Posted 7th April 2008