It was a usual evening for me, only slightly different because it was a saturday and i was looking forward to my weekend. i was returning from my office where I am interning at about 5 in the evening. I got off the metro and walked towards the main road to hail an RTV. Not seeing one around, I started looking for a rickshaw. I saw a few at the next red light but not any around. so i started walking towards them. While I was walking, a bike passed by with two men wearing helmets. They slowed the bike, raised the glass of the helmet, gave me a sleazy look and drove away. Nothing new, i knew. Within a few minutes. the bike took a U turn and came back. This time the driver stopped and the one riding pillion tried to grab my breasts, but realizing what he was going to do, I created a barrier between myself and him with my hand. He tried to push away my hand and this time tried to grope my shoulder. i pushed again. The attacker was in no mood to stop but the one driving quickly drove away. I tried to get the number of the bike, but shock and trauma made it imposible for me to see completely.I could just make out DL WS 0356 or was it DL 03 WS 56... I was confused..People on the road just kept looking at me, and not if i had done something wrong. they were looking at me as if i was a tamasha...n kept turning to look at me..I glared back at was my way of saying that "fine, you could have helped me, but didnt..but its not like i cant help myself..i fought for my dignity..yes i did"
And then home was still far away and should i take these ricks which are being ridden by people who saw a spectacle being made of, i wont!!
I walked home..all the way..And i knew that if this hppens again, i will tackle it..i will note down the number and ill call the police...
but I reached home safe....not without doubts of.."what if the driver had not driven away? what if the two men had got down and done something to me? then what?
I went off to sleep that night telling myself that in any situation, ill tackle it.
Next evening, I got off the metro, walked towards the main road..there was a bike on the other side of the road and two guys screaming..."meri jaan..arrey meri jaan..bahut maal hai...." People on both sides of the road were loking at if again it was my fault...across the road i could not see the bike number..and they quickly drove away....
I felt helples and used...and scared of every guy on a bike..who can say anything and try to do anything to me and drive away a jiffy before i can even realize what has happened...
I get nightmares of nameles,, faceless men in helmets and on a bike...and i feel scared. Yet, I walk on the road with maybe not a concrete belief but atleast the convction and strength that i will fight, struggle and make an effort to help matter what..

time: 5 pm
location: west delhi. dwarka

Posted 3rd April 2008