Blank Noise Action Hero Preethi Naik

My friend and me were going in the car and out of the blue saw another car following us.The men in the car were middle aged and one of them constantly kept putting his head out and grinning at us!!! I found it really weird and irritating!!! The same car started following us for quite sometime....this really got on my the signal that car stopped right opposite to mine....I rolled down the car window and shouted out loudly and asked the one who was going on staring at us if he had any problem and told him to look in the front and not at us !!! This scared the middle aged man and he didn't bother us anymore! Its better to give it back to such losers rather than ignoring it!!!

Age: 23
Location: Bangalore. near MG ROAD.
Preeti experienced anger and irritation

Posted 13th June 2008