This was on my way back home from tuitions,around 7:30 p.m.
I was returning home, finishing my classes at my tuitions which is located in a rather posh and busy area of Bangalore.
I was with a friend. And so was my perpetrator.
I and my friend were walking close to the road, since there were no footpaths.
Two guys were walking towards our direction. Since they were getting closer to us, I tried to move away to give them space or rather give myself space.
But one of the two guys evaded that space, and felt my thigh up with his index finger.
First I wanted to ignore this,but my anger got the better of me and particularly when I thought about the fact that I had tried my best to give myself space.
I turned around, the guys were already a block away..
I began to walk towards them. The friend of the guy who had tried to feel me up saw this and went- “uh oh..!”

Before I knew, I had given my perpetrator a nice hard punch on his back. But I was still trembling with both fear and anger.Nonetheless, I felt better doing what I did that evening than I would have felt if I had done nothing at all.

Time: 7 30 pm
Location: Dollars Colony, Bangalore.
Age: 17
Age at the time of experience: 17
emotion felt- anger

Posted 8th May 2008