I am Ramya.
I Love my neighborhood. I have lived here for as long as I can remember.
I have never had to switch homes since the house is our own, and am I glad!
Last week, I went to the Ice cream parlor close by to get my cousins a tub of butterscotch.
On my way back, I noticed that the the tub had began to leave a trail of melted cream. It had dripped on to my feet and shins.
I remember, I had worn a Capri that day.
A man, who seemed to be a relative or friend of my neighbor was hanging out near their gate.
He ogled at my bare shins. It felt more sickening to have him look at me the way he did, than to have sticky ice cream greasing my skin.
I walked straight up to him and asked him if my neighbor was home. He mumbled that he didn’t know who I was asking for.
I pushed the gate open and rang the door bell, soon enough there was my neighbor, a middle aged woman.. who had just finished her business in the kitchen.
She looked tired and asked me to come in, and to help myself to the some warm halwa ..which she had just prepared. I informed her that I myself had guests at home and needed to get back soon.. I bid her goodbye.
The guy was still out in the compound, trying to play aloof. I went up to him and said that – there’s the woman I was looking for(pointing to my neighbour, who was now busy sweeping the balcony) and enquired him if he was sure that he is was not a stranger.

Time: 6 pm
Location: Jayanagar 5th Block
Age at the time of experience: 23
Current age: 23
felt anger and insult

Posted 26th May 2008