a few days ago, a friend of mine and i were out for an evening stroll to the neighborhood park. we were dressed up in our usual attire and are so used to the people on the streets around our houses staring at us that we don't really bother anymore. we just reached the main road from my lane and i heard someone muttering behind my back...the man was saying non-sense stuff about how we were dressed and other things that a pervert usually says about feeling us up.i didn't need to turn around to realize that he had started walking a short distance from friend didn't notice him as he was directly behind me..i asked her to walk a little slower so the man to walk past us...i was in two minds to slap him as the area around my house is always crowded and i didn't want to make a scene in my neighborhood...eventually i realized that he wouldn't stop saying shit if we just took it...all this had happened within a span of 2 minutes..just as we reached the market nearby, he passed us...we almost had to stop to make him pass...the moment he got ahead i gave it a kick right on his butt and MAN! WAS HE SHOCKED!! he turned...muttered something and hurried of, scared that someone else might join us to beat him was HILARIOUS!

eve teasing in rampart in the area where i live..though it is a rather posh colony near central delhi, we have an uncountable number of high-on-hormones teens and adolescents who have way too much money than they can handle. we also have a fair share of creepy uncles who are dumb enough to try and tease the same girl twice!( an uncle roams on a scooter who once used the excuse of looking for a tuition centre to get his hand up my skirt was stupid enough to use the same excuse on me an year later...he got the worst lot of verbal abuses known to mankind the second time!) it's a pity how most of the girls think fighting back just leads to trouble. my parents have since the very first day taught me that a girl is not at fault is someone teases her. this has given me confidence to fight perverts and i have done so in almost a dozen times in my life...times when i knew that it isnt my fault that someone thinks that they can get away with teasing me...

Location: Delhi
Age: 19

Posted 23rd June 2008