I still remember it clearly. I was on my way to the local grocers to buy some oranges for my mother and a few steps away from our house. I noticed this big, burly looking guy walking towards me from the opposite direction. As he got closer, I noticed he has no intention of passing by me but he is walking directly towards me as if he'd like to bump into me. So i started walking slightly sideways to move out of his way and still he kept walking towards me trying to block my way. He got closer and managed to grab my left breast ( note: I was only 13 and had hardly developed!) I shouted abuse at him but he laughed and continued on his way. Another man who was walking ahead of me turned back and looked at me and turned around indifferently.

Later on, when I arrived home, I told my mother what had happened and how hurt I was. The response: " If anything like that happens again, just walk off without saying anything or reacting. What will people say?"

I was hurt, not by the pervert who took advantage, but by my mother who advised me to keep silent as a reaction to harassment.

Location: Iran
Year: 1994
Age at the time of experience: 13
Current age: 25

I felt humilation, suffocation, and insult

Posted 27th April 2008