Hi this was ages ago,but I was travelling by the local train in Bombay. I was with my hubby (then boy friend) and entered the gents compartment with him.

We were given a place to sit and I respect the men in that compartment who offered a seat to the standing couple.(thas us)

But as we were nearing the station we decided to stand by the door in order to exit as soon as the train stopped, but guess what out of nowhere came this stupid uncouth charcater and touched me at the back, at first I ignored him thinking he just did it by mistake but then no he tried it the second time, this time that was the limit, without even saying a word to anyone I just turned around and slapped him, same time th train to came to a halt at the station, he just jumped from the train and ran for his life. He knew he had done wrong and that all there were watching him,.

Many of the people there were stunnned to see me that I did it all of a sudden and with no warning whatsoever. My hubby was proud of me and oops I too was very proud. I did manage to tell the cops there but seemed of no avail as they just brushed the situation of as it seems things happens everyday.

Many complimented me to all the people there and said hope more woman could me like me.

Posted 21st March 2007