The year was 1995 and the movie Karan Arjun had just been released. I got together with two other friends to go see the movie as my favorite actor, Shahrukh Khan (!!!!) was starring in it. We got into the theater quite easily even though there was quite the mad rush for this movie. But as soon as we got in, we got separated by the throngs of crowd. While I was looking around for my seat and for my friends, I felt someone grope my breasts. I wasn't sure but in a few minutes there he was again! I waited. Like a lioness waits for her prey :D The next instant, as "the hand" groped me again, I grabbed a finger and TWISTED it with ALL my might. And I didn't let go when he tried to yank his hand back. I kept twisting and almost broke his finger off - all the while calmly looking around for my friends. Then I hit another person, who was trying to get "too close for comfort" squarely and solidly in the chest with my helmet (I used to ride my BAJAJ SUPER FE Scooter all around town with a Full-Mask helmet!) Quite a few people caught that exchange (well - the exchange of the blow and the "ow") No one bothered me after that! I still get a rush of satisfaction when ever I think about that incidence. I wish I had done something similar to EVERY ONE who ever dared to lay a finger (or even think about it) on me.

Posted 21st March 2007