Somehow, we women are expected to take all the pinches, winks and lewd comments in a positive stride! As if it was a bloody privilege. The school of thought here seems to be “IGNORE”. No, I can’t Ignore and I will not. I want to get back to each one of those so called “men” who don’t leave a single chance to harass women and break their neck.
Like all other girls I have had quite a few encounters with such “men”.

I was walking back home with my mom after a shopping spree and a guy standing near by made an obscene gesture and winked at me. I picked up a stone and shouted “What did you just do?” It was a busy market place and loads of people around. He just shrugged his shoulders and said “Beta, maine kuchh nahi kiya” ! Ohhh, How I wanted to kill him, there and then. My mom gave me a long lecture as to how girls should be patient and ignore such things. She said that I made myself look like a fool and people must have had a hearty laugh. But, I wasn’t convinced.

Then one December morning, I took my little pup for a walk. It was quite early and a bit foggy. I didn’t go very far from home. A man passed by on his bicycle, his face covered with a blanket. He stopped at about 10 feet from me. I didn’t look back but could sense him coming towards me. I heard the footsteps louder and faster. I was already shaking, but I turned back to find him trying to grab my neck. I abused him at the top of my voice and tried to grab him. But, he turned back and started running. I ran with all my force abusing him and telling him to stop. He took his cycle and ran away.

I was trembling, I was shaking but I was Proud!

Posted 8th March 2007 by J