My name is Suvarna. I live in Uttar Kannada District.

Four years before I used to work for an NGO. (The job, which I now don’t attend.) I used to travel 30kms a day and in between I used to change my busses at the Karwar bus stand. One day at 9.30am, a young guy aged around 25, well dressed and quite good looking came and sat next to me. He asked me “where will I get down”? I replied saying 10th stop. (Not mentioning the name of the stop) As the moved, the chap started to move closer and closer to me and then sticking at me. For a moment I didn’t bother and just looked at the chap with big eyes. Instead of stopping his unusual behavior, he repeatedly sticked at me. I then requested him to move little further which he did. But the next moment he slowly started to move his hands on my hips moving towards my underarms. It was really disgusting and I didn’t know what to do? I just got up from my seat and called the “bus conductor” very loudly. All the people sitting in the bus just looked at me curiously. As the!
conductor was known to me as I traveled regularly, he came to me asking what’s the matter? I had to explain him shamelessly about the chap’s attitude towards me and what he did. The conductor was good and shouted at the guy. The man instead of admitting his mistake asked the conductor what wrong has he done? The conductor told the man to change his place but he didn’t listen and stubborn. The conductor then immediately stopped the bus dragged the person out of the bus giving his ticket money for the passengers safety.

2nd story

I studied commerce. We had Morning College from 8am to 12.30noon. During my 5 years of college life, many students especially girls who came walking (I was also one of them) by the NH 17 route had to face an awkward situation. The college is situated near NH 17, opposite to which there is a cremation ground. There were lots of bushy trees (I don’t know how does it looks now). There used be a man either in the morning or noon time hiding in the bushes making different kinds of sounds. He was a black coloured, untidy and shabby looking. He used to be undressed sitting on the lowest branch of the tree showing and shaking his ”24 carat gold piece” hanging between his legs and below his abdomen.

Most of the girls were knew about it. But the new comers were unaware of it. One day we learnt that the man came out of the hiding bush and chased a college girl, who was walking alone on the road. The girl half-breathing and frightened told a college boy who happened to be our GS (representative). The news then spread like a wild fire in the campus. The student with other few students informed the professor and went near the bush to catch hold of the man but could not be traced. All the girls in the college were then requested to go in groups and asked the girls to inform them about such incidents if it reoccurred. Luckily it took happened but this time it was a group who informed the GS and we were able to hunt the man along with the few other students and hand it to police. After a few days we came to know that the man was a mentally sick person.

It’s not the first time we see such incidents we hear many a times during marketing molesting cases from people. Also at Cinema halls in a queue the males at the back trying to lift the girl’s skirt or women’s sari and if other people notice they just don’t interfere. It’s really annoying. It all takes place and its just a matter of little courage we should gather. Even today I get scared when I remember these incidents. God help us that’s what I can say. I hope you liked the stories.

Posted 6th March 2007