it was sometime in june 2003. My friend and I were browsing through 'second-hand' books sold on pavement at fountain,churchgate. It was evening time, so lot of people were heading towards Churchgate station. My friend and I were busy bargaining with the hawker. suddenly, i felt somebody touch my bottom. For a second or two, I dint react. I stood there stunned. I turned around to catch the offender, but there were so many men walking fast towards the station. I ran ahead without thinking. I prayed hard. 'Oh God, please, please tell me who did it?' Suddenly, as if god himself pointed it out to me, my eyes focussed on a man in purple shirt walking casually. I went ahead and hit him hard on his back. He and his friend turned around. he was looking like an educated 'bank executive' type. for a moment, I thought my instinct was wrong. But, to my surprise, this guy dint ask why i hit him. he was looking embarassed. I confronted him and he dint deny my accusations. What I wont forget was the look on his friend's face! He was looking at his friend as if he had never seen him before.

As I went back to my friend, I was feeling good. i had lost the battle, but I won the war.

there have been many instances when i have faced street sexual harassement. I always ask myself, why do we have to go through this? Its not possible that so many men could be sexually deprived. Subconciously, men are fighting for the place that they consider theirs. When they see women on streets, they feel that public place is rightfully theirs and they all are trying to intimidate us. it sounds dramatic, but i think its true.



Posted 9th March 2007