I was walking down MG Road when thirty somethin years old men passed by me. One of them took this as an opportunity to feel my left tigh. On the moment I could only think "I can't believe it's happening again", almost ready to let it be since it was one among so many times. But a few seconds later, I thought it'd be better to tell this man something about it. So I turned around, walked up to him and said "excuse me!!", until he turned back and faced me. Then I told him something like this "I can't believe what you just did! You touched my tigh!". As I was talking loud and sounding very firm, a few people gathered around us. The man pretended he could not understand English but only Hindi... How convenient for him to pretend not to understand a single word I was saying. I only added that he should be ashamed of acting like this with women and left. As I turned around going back to where I was initially heading, I could here one man who had come to see what was happening telling him calmly that he should not do this kind of thing. The incident was closed. I was a bit angry and so used to peoples' bad faith or ways of denying that I was just satisfied that for once somebody I didn't even know supported me. At least I said something and made my voice heard to someone.

Location: MG ROAD. Bangalore
Time: around 11 am
Age at the time of the incident: 23
Current age: 24
Marjorie felt anger and satisfaction

Posted 23rd June 2008


Almost all girls/women are subjected to this indignity at some point in their lives.My 'experience' with eve-teasers began when i was merely 9-10 years old.As i grew up in a small town in U.P.i faced awkward situations many times and always associated them with confusion...a feeling of being contaminated and also one of sheer helplessnes until one day when i refused to take it anymore.I was on the railway station waiting to confirm my ticket with my parents standing nearby. in the whole confusion a tall hefty guy crept up behind me and felt my bum.I felt so violated and the pent up anger of many years rose up in me. i refused to let it go...i turned around and he, sensing my movement started to turn away..i hit him on the shoulder and back ..any part that i could grab but he was tall and muscular. he ran away...but i feel satisfied in the belief that he would definitely think twice before attempting this again.

Location: Allahabad railway station
time: 8:30 pm
current age: 27
age at time of experience: 21

Champakali felt anger.

Posted 29th June 2008


It was a regular day in college during the mid-march of 2008. After the familiar boredom settled down I was more than happy to let my hair down and sit under the sun at the canteen. After the daily dose of chit-chat I was off to my P.G. I live at a secure residential area with all the facilities at a stone’s throw, or so, I thought. Well, as an outstation student I always have to be on my toes. I HAVE to look after myself. That day, I had some work on the net and rushed to the café near my place. I was busy with my work when I noticed two guys sitting next to me constantly staring at me and whispering to each other. I chose to ignore the unwanted attention and resumed work. After I was through, I walked out of the café and felt genuinely free from the major suffocation I was suffering from because of those guys. But to my horror I found them following me. I was at once at vigil. That wasn’t a time to break down. I knew I had to think fast. I have no parents, siblings, cousins, guardians or even distant relatives in Delhi. I knew I had to handle it all alone.

I entered a shop using the pretext of buying some soft drink but that hardly did the job. They stood outside the stationery awaiting me. I could see my PG, my room, my balcony from there but I couldn’t, even in my wildest dreams, let them know that I lived there. What if they started stalking me everyday?! Then I tried two person’s numbers. One was a class-mate and the other, a senior. As luck would have it, my friend was out with his phone left in his room. My senior was at the North Campus at that time and proposed that I should join her immediately. I hurriedly hired a rickshaw. I assumed it would be the end of an undesired adventure but that actually was the beginning. Those guys literally ran after the rickshaw which carried me and covered the entire distance thus and that too in full public view. I stopped and entered the college my senior had asked me to and went up to her. She took me to the canteen and we sat there for some peace. Meanwhile those goons waited at the gate. That’s when I realized the anger within me. Why was I wasting my time and energy for those thugs?? How did they dare to stalk me? Did they think they could persuade me? I am no prey!!! Trust me; I did not encourage them in the smallest way possible. Finally I concluded that enough was enough. I had to face it. Moreover I was at North Campus and had a company. Now I was comfortable. We came out of hiding and suddenly I saw my friend (whose number I was trying) passing by. Those boys were still there. I stopped my friend and explained the gravity of the
situation. My friend approached those guys and enquired what they wanted. Before they could reply there was a sudden outburst of emotions from me. I chided them to my heart’s content and called them morons!! In reply they only flashed a smile. I wonder what that meant. They took my friend aside and blurted “yeh dil ka mamla hain, pyar aise hi hota hain” (“it’s a matter of the heart; love just happens this way”). We finally handled the situation with dignity and send them off.

Today in retrospect, I laugh it off whenever I am reminded of the incident. It was really funny to see them literally running after a rickshaw!!! But at the same time I know, I can take it so casually today because I could solve the problem then. I warned them and refused to be nervous and collapse. That was a huge victory for me. Or else I would have remained in a state of shock for long. I did not want to be defeated. I knew those guys were human beings like I was. Agreed, they were two whereas I had no company but I saw to it that that did not make them feel that they were superior to me.

Location:North Campus, Delhi
Current Age: 19
Age at the time of experience: 19
She felt angry, in control, victorious, offended

I felt angry, in control, victorious, offended.

Posted 29th June 2008


this was my sister who did it... we were travelling by a rickshaw, when the driver started adjusting the rear view mirror to get a proper view of all that you could visualise about a woman.I did not notice but my sister immediately reacted and told him "Bhaiya mirror thek karo. Peeche dekhne ki koi zaroorat nahi". He retaliated and said that he wanted to see the vehicles just incase he would need to reverse. But she was not satisfied so she kept grumbling and fighting till the time we reached home making sure he doesnot look behind even once. But this guy was defensive. He was adamant and was not ready to turn the angel of the mirror. But we fought as much as we could through out the journey. I think the mirrors that they use to look at the passengers should be totally banned. Heard that it is banned by the RTO...but wats the point. All the peverts have them in the rickshaws....ASSES

Location: bandra to kalina
Age at time of experience: 23
current age: 23
felt more like a sexual object,,wat the hell i felt like am just there so that he can pry at my was humiliating without doubt

Posted 29th June 2008

Blank Noise Action Hero Tarangini

I was at a bar in Pune (and to those who think I was 'asking for it' simply by virtue of being in a bar- Pphhhbbbtttt- you're as bad as the eve teasers!) I was very decently dressed- I'd been to a family dinner before. Anyway, so I was standing at the bar, talking and laughing with my friends, suddenly, I feel someone brush my bottom, and thinking that because it was crowded someone must've walked into me, I ignored it. But then, it happened again, and this time, the hand just stayed there! I lost it. I grabbed hold of the wrist attached to the hand on my butt, and rained down blows on the man attached to the wrist. He turned his face away from me and covered his head with his free hand, but not before I boxed his ears and shoulders good!

Location: Bar in Pune?
Time: 11 pm
Age at the time of experience: 27
Current age: 28

Tarangi felt : Anger followed by amusement at my ability to beat random guys into a pulp. Regret I wasn't taller and better built, would've beat the living daylights out of him if I were.

Posted 12th July 2008

Blank Noise Action Hero Shreya

Today I, my mother, my younger sister , my mom's best friend and her 13 year old son went to see Jaane to ya Jaane na. at Rave 3 Mall. After the movie ended at 9.30- we were making our way down the staircase in the main hall. 

Every where there were people- my sister was climbing down in front of me and as i walked- someone suddenly grabbed my hand and turned me slightly and then grabbed and squeezed my right breast. After the moment of initial shock i turned around and running after the guy who was quickly making his way through people- tapped on his shoulder and as he turned- with all the strength i could muster- slapped him hard- very hard- the sound resounded through the hall. Then i slapped him again, and again, and again. A total of four slaps by the time which my mom and her friend made over to us and added a few of their own slaps. 
By then the security guards came running down and asked me "kya kara isne?" Fuming with anger- i told them - "chhu raha thha mujhe" the words sounded so wierd out of my mouth- after which i told the security guards "do thappad mariye aap isko" and he slapped him again and i called him all the dirty words i have ever heard.
All this is the main hall of Kanpur's best mall filled with people on a saturday evening.. 
The fact was - these things have happened to me before and I haven't or didn't get a chance to retaliate- but this was too much.
I am prepared with my hands and mind when i go to a market or such - but in a mall with my mother and sister- I thought i was safe.
The worst part is the fact that the guy thought he could pull it off in a mall with security guards at every entrance and hundreds of people around. He must have seriously believed that i wouldn't react and just walk on pretending nothing happened- not wanting to create a scene. Meaning this must have happened with him when he did this to other girls since he looked like no amateur when he feigned innocence.
Happy as i am that i for the first time in my life retaliated- i can't understand my feeling of unhappiness and uneasiness which i am having now.
I don't think i want to go out to any mall for a long time now.

Why do i keep wishing i went from the other exit? Why am i unhappy?

Location: Kanpur. Rave 3 mall. Kanpur
Time: 9 30 pm
Current age: 17
Age at the time of experience: 17

Shreya felt shock, anger, courage initially. Later embaressment when everyone there was looking at me- later resentment and sadness.

Blank Noise Action Hero Isha

This is one of those posts, where I shall vent, abuse, crib and abuse some more.

But I also wish to bring up a long standing issue, where all girls will sympathize with me, they better!Eve teasing.

Yeah. So that bloody sucks!

I mean men are so fucking sexually frustrated!

Kindly bear with me ladies, I’m getting to the point!

So I was traveling to office this morning with two of my friends. Today I had to travel in 2nd class compartment, as I didn’t have a first class pass from Kharghar. (I hate traveling by second class compartments!)

Now I was in the ladies compartment which is adjacent to the men’s compartment, and this train was one of those trains which don’t have that screen which blocks men from gaping at all the women in the compartment.(bloody pigs!)

T.V room as one of friends calls it.

There was still 5 minutes for the train to leave from Vashi, when this jackass came from somewhere and stood right outside the window I was sitting next to and started staring. Staring his fucking eyes out! I threw him disgusted looks a couple of times but he didn’t seem the kinds who would get the point. So I started to ignore.

The train started to move, but this asshole was hanging so far out from the door of this compartment that he could conveniently peep into the window and stare some more. Now I was getting uncomfortable. I still ignored.

The train halted at Mankhurd, and another chewthiya got inside the men’s compartment and started doing the same stunts as the previous jackass. But this one decided to sing!

I continued ignoring. When the train started nearing Kurla, I was starting to get REALLY pissed off. Coz this guy wouldn’t fucking stop!

He made a disgusting noise that sounded like a smooch.

THAT was IT!

"Abbe saamne dekhna! Idhar kya dekh raha hai tabse!" I yelled!

"Abbe tujhe dekh raha hoon kya bhains(buffallo)! Saamne dekh bolti hai! Tujhko dekh raha hoon kya!?!? Samajhti kya hai apne aap ko…" he yelled back.

"saala tabse toh yahi pe ghoor raha hai!!! bakwaas kya kar raha hai?!!?!?" I screamed back!

But after I said that he started ranting and abusing me further!!

NOW I wanted to slap him and fucking rip off his balls! What a fuckhead!
Before I could retaliate, my friend grabbed my hand and squeezed it hard, warning me to stop, coz no good would come out of it. I shut my mouth and hoped he would shut up too.

But he didn't stop there!! He continued abusing me and calling me unthinkable names for a good 10
minutes!! I felt my face growing hotter and hotter with humiliation and anger.

I was starting to wish that he would just fall off the moving train and hit one of those electric poles!!

After a while, some men in the compartment started abusing the asshole and asked him to shut-up coz he was embarrassing everyone. Which he finally did and after that he also stopped staring.

Oh man!!! I have never felt such white hot anger surge through me!! If only I could just spray pepper spray all over his fucking, chutiatic, gutter mouthed face!!!!


When I finally got off at my stop, my friend reminded me.

“Isha, next time, just ignore such people. They are not worth it.”

Yeah so it’s always the girl or the woman who has to sacrifice and compromise her freedom and self-respect in front of such assholes!

I have been humiliated many times like this before! I have been called disgusting names and I have been grabbed and felt up many times. I can’t begin to say who violating it feels . Every woman has to go through that. And silently.

Coz if you do say something, this is what happens. You get humiliated like I got today.

Location: Mumbai local train
Time: 9 30 am

Age at the time of experience: 21
Current Age: 21

Isha felt: insult, humiliation, insane anger, ashamed, embarassment, violent

Posted 27th July 2008


Blank Noise Action Hero Sowmiya

I was getting back from school.My school was pretty near by home and so me and one my friend were just chatting near my street corner.All of a sudden I felt somebody looking at me.So I turned around and saw this thirty something guy on a bike,He smiled at me disgustingly and looked downwards.When I followed his eyes and looked downwards,I was horrified to see him fondling his private part.Annoyed completely,I turned away and caught hold of my friend's hands.I was completely irritated and frustrated.I just wanted to walk away from that place.I was on the verge of tears to see such a disgusting and cheap guy.Then suddenly I decided I should do something about the pervet who just made me feel so awful!!!I always carried chilli powder with me right from the age of 13 when I was first eve-teased.I carefully took it out and hid it in my palms.Briefing my plan to my friend,I turned around and smiled at him.He thought I was responding and continued fondling and calling me.We waited for the right moment.A group of my class guys were coming near the street I was standing in.I decided to act now and clutching my friend's hands, we walked towards the pervert.He smiled enthusiastically.I went near him and before he could react, threw the chilli powder right into his eyes.He let out a yell but realised he was caught and tried hard to stifle his scream.Meanwhile my friend took the key away from the bike.The guy reached out to start his bike but since he could't find his keys,he was completely bewildered ans stumped.By the time,he tried to react, we started yelling and my class guys came running and so were the people living nearby.This was the first time I actually did something like this.Though it was a completely horrible experience, it was satisfying to see the guy completely humilated infront of so many people.The best part was in all this hulla-bulla the guy forgot to zip his pants back and onlookers were so shocked to know what he was upto. We thrashed him black and blue and trust me,there's nothing so soul-satisfying than that. With quick clever planning, one can really teach these guys a lesson!!!

Location: Chennai
Time: 4 30 pm

Current age:19
Age at the time of experience:17

Sowmiya felt: Disgusted,Irritated,Frustrated,Felt like crushing the private part he was fondling!!!

Blank Noise Action Hero Pooja

This happened less than a year ago on a Sunday night. It was one of those days that seemed so perfect. It had rained all day and I'd spent time with my friends at my apartment. In the evening we went out. Around 9:00 pm, along with a friend I was walking back home.

Where was this street ? I wonder if it really matters. I wonder if by virtue of being posh, it had to be safe. Shouldn't every street in the city be safe for everyone ?

We were walking down a main road in Hauz Khas. Around hundred meters away from the main market, I felt that someone was following us. I don't think my friend had noticed. I deliberately slowed down to let that man pass. And he did. For a moment I reprimanded myself for eying every man so accusingly. But, right then, he turned around and started walking towards us. As he was approaching me, I moved sideways to give myself more space. He crossed us. He did nothing. But to my mind, something was still amiss. He was following us again. By now, me and my friend were concerned. We started walking faster. So did he. He crossed us again, turned around and groped at my thigh. I punched him hard and fast, and then again with my metal key chain. Even then, he had the audacity to run after us. But, by then we had reached the market and he disappeared in a bylane.

Some people would ask me what two of us girls were doing alone on the street. That, to be honest, disgusts me. Others still will ask me what I was wearing. I was wearing shorts and you know what, so was he ! Was that provocation enough for me to grope at his thigh/crotch ? No !

Everyday, when we walk down the street, we see men in all stages of undress, how come they are never asking for it ??

Location:Hauz Khas, New Delhi
Time: 9 pm

Age at the time of experience: 19
Current age: 20

Pooja felt: Anger, Amusement, Repulsion

Posted 27th July 2008

Blank Noise Action Hero the Tempest

Few months ago me and my pals went to Goa. We decided to take the bus. After a continuous journey of 3 hours, the driver decided to stop the bus at a small tea shop. Behind the shop there were few houses. Being the fairer sex, its always a problem as far as nature’s call is concerned. So we found remains of a house and decided to relieve our selves.. I guess my sixth sense was extra sharp that day and just to be extra careful I took a stroll. To my horror I saw a boy between 16-18 eyeing the lady who went to relieve her self. I screamed out loud at him. That bastard just ran away!!! I was so furious. Just wanted to just catch him and thrash his guts out . I don’t know how long he was observing the ladies. But I was relieved that he wont, any more. Disgusting what some men do!!!

Location: on the way to Goa
Time: 10 am
Age at the time of experience: 23
Current Age: 23

felt violated, anger, horrified.

Posted 1st August 2008

Blank Noise Action Hero Sabera

I am 25 years old and have been born and brought up in Mumbai. I have experienced various different forms of ‘eve teasing’ throughout childhood, when I had not clue what was being done to me, and through adolescence, and later, womanhood where I felt pure anger and sometimes, helplessness. Like scores of other women like me in India, it’s not something that I am particularly fond of and may have even been a better person without these horrible memories. But the good part is I have learnt certain tactics to minimize risk from such occurrences. Most times, it works for me, it may not for others. Inspite of my ‘experience’, it still scares the shit out of me every time I’m confronted with one more of these ‘eve-teasing’ incidents.

There are several instances where I have taken action against molestation, groping, name calling, staring, and leering etc against me and my friends.

One time 2 female friends and I were walking through the crowded gullies of Bhendi Bazaar. This was at about 7:30 pm and all of us were in jeans and t-shirts. We were about 19 yrs old then. A guy on a cycle suddenly came past us and brushed by a friend. It hurt her as he pushed against her chest pretty hard. We passed it off as an accident. It was a crowded street anyway. A minute later, the guy came back and brushed against my arm. By this age, my reflexes were pretty sharp and I pushed him with my elbow to prevent contact with my chest. By now I knew it was not a mistake. This time I decided to take action if he comes once again.

The third time, he tried brushing his hand past my chest again, when I caught him by the collar and took off his cap. I had managed to get him off his cycle and make him lose balance by now. His reaction totally freaked me out. He hit me hard on my nose. Although my nose didn’t break, it hurt like crazy. The glasses I was wearing bent under the pressure. The glass was shattered pretty badly and I was thankful nothing went in my eye. Ofcourse he had begun to abuse by this time. He was about to hit me a second time when I kicked him hard on the shin. I was trying really really hard to aim for his crotch. I just wasn’t positioned well enough.

All this while my 2 female friends were mute spectators. They didn’t help me nor did they call for any. The guy was pretty much livid by now and was about to strike me again when a man walking nearby shouted ‘aye…ladki log ko chhedta hai?’ and that was my cue to handover. Suddenly a mob of people pounced on the guy and started hitting him. I ran from the place shivering out of anger and pain.

Another time I was traveling by local bus. It was fairly empty. There was a girl by the window in the double-seat in front of me. There was nobody sitting next to her. She was wearing a loose salwar kurta and dupatta. Later, a man, easily about 55-60 yrs old, came and sat next to her. I felt rightaway that he was sitting way too close. The girl cringed and moved further in toward the window. The guy moved in even more. I felt strange and disgusted. But I was unsure whether I should step in.

A moment later he nudged even closer to her. His elbow was almost into the side of her breast now. I bent forward and asked the man ‘itni nazdeek kyun baith rahey ho aap?’ and he said ‘haan? Kya?’. I repeated ‘Is ladki ke itni nazdeek kyun baith rahey ho?’ and then to the girl ‘is he with you?’ She replied in the negative.

The guy by this time had the ‘this is none of your business’ kind of look on his face. I knew I was not getting thru to him. I then said ‘please wahan woh khaali seat hai na, udhar please baith jayein. Poori bus khaali hai. Aapko bas yehi seat mili kya baithne ke liye??’. The whole bus was looking at the scene now including the conductor. He looked around, and then meekly got up and sat somewhere else. The girl turned around and thanked me. I asked her to revolt the next time and not tolerate
such BS. It pissed me off that she took it all this while.

Another time I was waiting at a bus stop when I noticed a man staring at me. I was wearing a loose shirt and jeans. I knew I should be wary of him and avoided eye contact. He got on the same bus as me and was clearly making an effort to be as physically close to me as possible. I managed to avoid contact till I got into the bus. There was no seat so I was standing, when he suddenly came and stood very close to me. I moved a little away. The next moment from the side of my vision, I could see fingers reaching toward my breast. I grabbed his hand hard and twisted it as hard as I could. He let go with force and was clearly scared. He had a long beard and I pulled it as hard as I could. The whole bus had noticed by now and the conductor was shouting now.

The bus was in full speed by now. The guy got so scared that he ran toward the exit and got off the running bus! I looked back and hoped a car would run over his peanut sized penis and crush his balls. It didn’t… he only fell really badly.

For all the times I did something about eve teasing / molestation with me or others, I regret all the times I didn’t.

Location: Mumbai
Time: evening and day
Age at the time of experience: 19/20 years
Current Age: 25 years
Sabera experienced :Anger, disgust, triumph, pride

Posted 15th August 2008


This was when i was interning in delhi about 3 years back.
It was actually the first time i was travelling in DTC buses and had heard so much about "Dilli Ki Buses" that initially it scared me. My father was more skeptical and for the first two days he sent his batman with me! And then later i started taking the bus to the office and back. Then one day i took the morning bus like everyday and since there was no place to sit i was standing in the bus alley. At a stop a man got in the bus and from the backside walked to the front side of the alley and stood next to me.
Once the bus started moving he started moving too and in about a minute he was standing right behind me and with the jerks of the bus he would brush against me. The whole feel to that was so repulsive and my body felt grossed out. I just turned back and said "Uss taraf ho jao". He just gave me a look and said"jagah nahin hai'. That got me really like "what the fuck" and then in about a minute i turned back and spoke at a higher pitched voice "itni jagah hai uss side wahan ho jao". 'dikhta nahin hai yahan par ek bandey ki hi jagah hai". I guess it was the work of all the looks that people started giving him that got him moving away from the spot.
I dont know why but even after that i couldnt get it out of my mind. Maybe because it goes back to my childhood days of having experienced sexual harassment when i didnt know how to deal with it. And till date, even though i shout and abuse all the filthiest words to a man whenever something like this happens, i feel like filthy and repulsive for the whole frigging day.
Anger and revulsion grips me and the whole day i am thinking only about what is with men and their obsession with such stuff!

felt anger,revulsion,grossed out
Location: New Delhi, DTC bus
Time: 9 am
Age: 23
Age at the time of experience: 20

Posted 24th August 2008


I was walking home from college , about a 45 minute walk. It was a beautiful day- nearly winter but not really cold. The sun was out, and I just wanted to walk through the leaves and take it all in.
But no, that wasnt going to happen.
A car started following me about 5 minutes out of college. They followed me the entire way home at the speed of 5kmph. Imagine. I was walking and they were in a car. I didn't have a cell phone back then and I wasn't going to wimp out.
I got to a place 5 minutes away from home-familiar territory, took out a pen and paper , noted down the car number and made sure I was noticed doing it.
That's when the driver got out of the car and get this- he started yelling at me! AT ME! Like was I following him? Invading his space? Ruining HIS day? So i start yelling and I am shaking. Luckily, just then a friend drives by and he drops me home.
BTW, the guy following me looks at me and says,"I know who you are." and he tells me my name and address!
Wow! I wonder why he followed me then?
I report him to the cops, he says his driver was driving and he gets away with it.He was also my boyfriends neighbour. But what more could we have done, right? Other than maybe burn his car?

felt SO MUCH ANGER and so invaded, unsafe and trapped.

Location:GCG-11 to Sector 8, Chandigarh
Time: 12 noon
Age at the time of experience: 19 years
Current Age: 25 years


I was going in a bus from my college to my home, and somehow the bus became overpacked with people. I was sitting in the outside seat i.e. not the window side. This man standing beside me was leaning over me and kept on rubbing his thing beside my arm. After a minute or so I gathered the courage and said "What are you doing" his response "Nothing" (you could actually see the erection) I pointed towards his groin and went like "ye kya hai".. by this time the whole bus was staring at his groin. He started fumbling for words and I shouted at the conductor to stop the bus at the next police station. Till this time nobody in the bus intervened or anything. The guy got off at the next stop.

time : 2pm
Location:Bus. Delhi. Paharganj
Age at the time of experience: 18
Current Age: 19

Neeru felt anger


I was at the bandra flea market on the main road and this random fellow kept passing me by. Initially, i didnt realise but in his second time i felt him feeling my butt when he passed by. It was a crowded area so i felt that maybe it wasn't intentional and didn't say anything. But the third time he passed us, he did the same thing to my friend and me. So i walked up to him and yelled at him. When he feigned indifference to the whole act, i had to threaten him that ill call the cops on him and took out my cell phone to tell him i was serious. That put him in order and he apologized and left immediately. But i doubt he wont do it again.

Time: 7:30-8 in the evening
Location: Bandra, Mumbai
Age at the time of experience: 21
Current age:23
Anshika felt a mix of both anger and humiliation.

Posted 26th August 2008

via shop owner in Ludhiana

Men can participate in building the action heroes blog as well! All you have to do is have conversations with the women around you, about how they dealt with street sexual harassment. Document it/ write it and send it in. We will upload it on the Blank Noise Action heroes blog.

From a shop owner in Model Town Market, Ludhiana-

I have seen loads of eve teasing in my life. The girls in Ludhiana are very bold. They do not take it and they answer back properly.

I saw a girl who had been teased by a boy. She created a scene. She gathered a crowd. She hit him hard and then she put water in her shoes and made him drink it. She said " drink water from my shoes and only then I will spare you."

Posted 26th August 2008

Blank Noise Action Hero via Kazakabin

It actually happened 2 my fren, who"s working as a radio jockey, she was watchin a movie wit her fren wen a drunk man came and sat next 2 her n started disturbung her by passing vulgar comments n my fren aked him 2 stop it n instead of stopping he continued 2 disturb her.. n my fren suddenly send a message 2 the so called police emergency cell askin 4 help, she expected that thus would work as it was belirvrd 2 be efficient un their service... bit nothing worked n no assistance came in for her from the police...then my frenshoted at him n he changed seats as he was afraid wen ma fren told her that she'd informed the police.. but afetr d movie that man again followed my frens 2 d nearby park,n said he wants 2 be her fren and asked 4 her contact no n wen she asked him 2 get lost he started threatening her,my fren being a bold gal shouted at him n told he"l report it directly 2 the police commissioner n she began 2 cal her frens from office n den dat man left off threatening her dat he"l teach her a lesson

time: 3.30-5.30 pm
felt anger
location: theatre n park
age of the narrator : 21

Posted 27th September 2008 by J


Blank Noise Action Hero Laminerva

This is not exactly sexual harrasment, but something about society that makes me feel angry.
I commute to office by autorickshaw everyday and this particular auto's meter was definitely rigged. So much so that I asked him to stop around 1.5 kms before my office and got down, and agreed to pay only 30 when the meter showed 40. He started yelling and speaking in a demeaning fashion. I went up to the Policeman nearby, and complained that the meter was rigged, and finally paid the auto guy onlky 30 bucks. But in the course of the conversation, I mentioned the place I work at and the auto fare to that place. As I walked away, I couldnt help the doubts that entered my head- what if he stalks me, or throws acid on my face? He was this typical uncouth youth, whom Im sure wouldnt think twice before assaulting/insulting a woman. When I spoke to my mother about this, this was her immediate reaction- what if that guy tries doing something to you, now that he knows where you work? Doubts still linger...I know I did the right thing, but shouldnt have mentioned my work place


time: 11 am
felt anger, fear
age: 23
age at the time of experience: 23
Location: Bangalore, near MG Road

Posted 27th September 2008

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I am an American woman. At the time I was 27, in Paris with a girlfriend. We met a couple of young men at a falafel stand, who took us to a disco tech. We danced with them for probably an hour before we met some British people, who took all of us to an after-hours club. As these things go, I drifted away from the first guy to explore my possibilities on the new dance floor. This man started to whine and throw a fit, demanding an explanation as to why I no longer wanted to hang out with him. I didn't feel the need to explain my position to him; I was appalled at his lack of shame in his pathetic display and I simply told him I didn't want to talk to him anymore. He slapped me and turned around to flee. My instinct was to hit back--I kicked him. The crowd reacted quickly and he was escorted out of the building. I was angry and shocked, but I never felt afraid. I felt that I was surrounded by people who shared my same "culture," meaning we all understood the subtle and ever-shifting behavior in the nightclub scene. Looking back this man was clearly an "outsider" who was unfamiliar with this nightclub culture and in fact he was not a native of France (I won't say where he was from). What I learned from this man was that something in his up-bringing, i.e. culture, gave him a sense of entitlement to my attention after having known me for only a couple of hours. It's this complete difference in how the two of us view relationships with the opposite sex that scares me. We obviously both felt strongly about our positions. I could never be convinced that I owed him anything in this situation; could he ever be convinced that I didn't?

time : 2 am
location: Paris
age at the time of experience: 27
current age: 31
felt anger

Posted 27th September 2008


This happened way back in 2005. Although it was not the first the first time that someone tried misbehaving but this sure was the first time where I stood up against some 20 uncles trying to blame me for something in which I was the VICTIM!

Early in the morning, at around 5, I boarded Haryana Roadways bus from Roorkee to Chandigarh. The bus being overcrowded, I managed to find a place on the last seat, next to an elderly uncle thinking it would be safe. Some 20 minutes later, ‘Uncle ji’ started feeling me up. I asked him to behave to which he did not listen and few minutes later he started feeling my thighs. That was when I completely lost it and ignoring Uncle ji’s age slapped him hard right on his face. Obviously after creating such a scene, I had to answer everyone’s queries about what, why, how n all. To my shock, all 20 something uncles in the Bus started blaming me for sitting on the last seat. I knew then and there that if I don’t speak up now, I won’t be able to face myself. I lectured those ‘uncles’ for next 15 minutes in my ‘best’ lingo with the result that the uncle who was trying to get all touchy n all with me had to get down.
Time :   5.30 to 6 am
Location : Near Roorkee, in Haryana Roadways bus.
Age at the time of experience: 19
Current age: 22

Initially i was amazed which gave way to anger. I felt sad and hurt.

Posted 12th October 2008