This happened during Dasara in Mysore (2005). Me and my friends had gone to bus stand to book tickets to go to hometown. It was the tenth day of Dasara. We dint have much idea about the crowd in Mysore.

It was around 12 in afternoon and the roads were already blocked. There was huge crowd. We had to move through the crowd to go to city bus stand.As we were going I saw this guy who was taking advantage of the crowd and was pushing girls and touching them here and there.
As hepushing htrough the crowd nad neared me I recognised him. Before he could do anything I just turned and slapped him. He didnt know what to do. Asked me in very innocent way 'What did i do?' I screamed at him ' I have been observing you. Just wait and see. Will tell to this any one of the polimen standing out there .' Then i turned and walked. After a couple of minutes just turned back to see him.
He was nowhere see.

Posted 5th March 2007