I was at the bandra flea market on the main road and this random fellow kept passing me by. Initially, i didnt realise but in his second time i felt him feeling my butt when he passed by. It was a crowded area so i felt that maybe it wasn't intentional and didn't say anything. But the third time he passed us, he did the same thing to my friend and me. So i walked up to him and yelled at him. When he feigned indifference to the whole act, i had to threaten him that ill call the cops on him and took out my cell phone to tell him i was serious. That put him in order and he apologized and left immediately. But i doubt he wont do it again.

Time: 7:30-8 in the evening
Location: Bandra, Mumbai
Age at the time of experience: 21
Current age:23
Anshika felt a mix of both anger and humiliation.

Posted 26th August 2008