This happened way back in 2005. Although it was not the first the first time that someone tried misbehaving but this sure was the first time where I stood up against some 20 uncles trying to blame me for something in which I was the VICTIM!

Early in the morning, at around 5, I boarded Haryana Roadways bus from Roorkee to Chandigarh. The bus being overcrowded, I managed to find a place on the last seat, next to an elderly uncle thinking it would be safe. Some 20 minutes later, ‘Uncle ji’ started feeling me up. I asked him to behave to which he did not listen and few minutes later he started feeling my thighs. That was when I completely lost it and ignoring Uncle ji’s age slapped him hard right on his face. Obviously after creating such a scene, I had to answer everyone’s queries about what, why, how n all. To my shock, all 20 something uncles in the Bus started blaming me for sitting on the last seat. I knew then and there that if I don’t speak up now, I won’t be able to face myself. I lectured those ‘uncles’ for next 15 minutes in my ‘best’ lingo with the result that the uncle who was trying to get all touchy n all with me had to get down.
Time :   5.30 to 6 am
Location : Near Roorkee, in Haryana Roadways bus.
Age at the time of experience: 19
Current age: 22

Initially i was amazed which gave way to anger. I felt sad and hurt.

Posted 12th October 2008