this was my sister who did it... we were travelling by a rickshaw, when the driver started adjusting the rear view mirror to get a proper view of all that you could visualise about a woman.I did not notice but my sister immediately reacted and told him "Bhaiya mirror thek karo. Peeche dekhne ki koi zaroorat nahi". He retaliated and said that he wanted to see the vehicles just incase he would need to reverse. But she was not satisfied so she kept grumbling and fighting till the time we reached home making sure he doesnot look behind even once. But this guy was defensive. He was adamant and was not ready to turn the angel of the mirror. But we fought as much as we could through out the journey. I think the mirrors that they use to look at the passengers should be totally banned. Heard that it is banned by the RTO...but wats the point. All the peverts have them in the rickshaws....ASSES

Location: bandra to kalina
Age at time of experience: 23
current age: 23
felt more like a sexual object,,wat the hell i felt like am just there so that he can pry at my was humiliating without doubt

Posted 29th June 2008