Blank Noise Action Hero Isha

This is one of those posts, where I shall vent, abuse, crib and abuse some more.

But I also wish to bring up a long standing issue, where all girls will sympathize with me, they better!Eve teasing.

Yeah. So that bloody sucks!

I mean men are so fucking sexually frustrated!

Kindly bear with me ladies, I’m getting to the point!

So I was traveling to office this morning with two of my friends. Today I had to travel in 2nd class compartment, as I didn’t have a first class pass from Kharghar. (I hate traveling by second class compartments!)

Now I was in the ladies compartment which is adjacent to the men’s compartment, and this train was one of those trains which don’t have that screen which blocks men from gaping at all the women in the compartment.(bloody pigs!)

T.V room as one of friends calls it.

There was still 5 minutes for the train to leave from Vashi, when this jackass came from somewhere and stood right outside the window I was sitting next to and started staring. Staring his fucking eyes out! I threw him disgusted looks a couple of times but he didn’t seem the kinds who would get the point. So I started to ignore.

The train started to move, but this asshole was hanging so far out from the door of this compartment that he could conveniently peep into the window and stare some more. Now I was getting uncomfortable. I still ignored.

The train halted at Mankhurd, and another chewthiya got inside the men’s compartment and started doing the same stunts as the previous jackass. But this one decided to sing!

I continued ignoring. When the train started nearing Kurla, I was starting to get REALLY pissed off. Coz this guy wouldn’t fucking stop!

He made a disgusting noise that sounded like a smooch.

THAT was IT!

"Abbe saamne dekhna! Idhar kya dekh raha hai tabse!" I yelled!

"Abbe tujhe dekh raha hoon kya bhains(buffallo)! Saamne dekh bolti hai! Tujhko dekh raha hoon kya!?!? Samajhti kya hai apne aap ko…" he yelled back.

"saala tabse toh yahi pe ghoor raha hai!!! bakwaas kya kar raha hai?!!?!?" I screamed back!

But after I said that he started ranting and abusing me further!!

NOW I wanted to slap him and fucking rip off his balls! What a fuckhead!
Before I could retaliate, my friend grabbed my hand and squeezed it hard, warning me to stop, coz no good would come out of it. I shut my mouth and hoped he would shut up too.

But he didn't stop there!! He continued abusing me and calling me unthinkable names for a good 10
minutes!! I felt my face growing hotter and hotter with humiliation and anger.

I was starting to wish that he would just fall off the moving train and hit one of those electric poles!!

After a while, some men in the compartment started abusing the asshole and asked him to shut-up coz he was embarrassing everyone. Which he finally did and after that he also stopped staring.

Oh man!!! I have never felt such white hot anger surge through me!! If only I could just spray pepper spray all over his fucking, chutiatic, gutter mouthed face!!!!


When I finally got off at my stop, my friend reminded me.

“Isha, next time, just ignore such people. They are not worth it.”

Yeah so it’s always the girl or the woman who has to sacrifice and compromise her freedom and self-respect in front of such assholes!

I have been humiliated many times like this before! I have been called disgusting names and I have been grabbed and felt up many times. I can’t begin to say who violating it feels . Every woman has to go through that. And silently.

Coz if you do say something, this is what happens. You get humiliated like I got today.

Location: Mumbai local train
Time: 9 30 am

Age at the time of experience: 21
Current Age: 21

Isha felt: insult, humiliation, insane anger, ashamed, embarassment, violent

Posted 27th July 2008