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This is not exactly sexual harrasment, but something about society that makes me feel angry.
I commute to office by autorickshaw everyday and this particular auto's meter was definitely rigged. So much so that I asked him to stop around 1.5 kms before my office and got down, and agreed to pay only 30 when the meter showed 40. He started yelling and speaking in a demeaning fashion. I went up to the Policeman nearby, and complained that the meter was rigged, and finally paid the auto guy onlky 30 bucks. But in the course of the conversation, I mentioned the place I work at and the auto fare to that place. As I walked away, I couldnt help the doubts that entered my head- what if he stalks me, or throws acid on my face? He was this typical uncouth youth, whom Im sure wouldnt think twice before assaulting/insulting a woman. When I spoke to my mother about this, this was her immediate reaction- what if that guy tries doing something to you, now that he knows where you work? Doubts still linger...I know I did the right thing, but shouldnt have mentioned my work place


time: 11 am
felt anger, fear
age: 23
age at the time of experience: 23
Location: Bangalore, near MG Road

Posted 27th September 2008