This was when i was interning in delhi about 3 years back.
It was actually the first time i was travelling in DTC buses and had heard so much about "Dilli Ki Buses" that initially it scared me. My father was more skeptical and for the first two days he sent his batman with me! And then later i started taking the bus to the office and back. Then one day i took the morning bus like everyday and since there was no place to sit i was standing in the bus alley. At a stop a man got in the bus and from the backside walked to the front side of the alley and stood next to me.
Once the bus started moving he started moving too and in about a minute he was standing right behind me and with the jerks of the bus he would brush against me. The whole feel to that was so repulsive and my body felt grossed out. I just turned back and said "Uss taraf ho jao". He just gave me a look and said"jagah nahin hai'. That got me really like "what the fuck" and then in about a minute i turned back and spoke at a higher pitched voice "itni jagah hai uss side wahan ho jao". 'dikhta nahin hai yahan par ek bandey ki hi jagah hai". I guess it was the work of all the looks that people started giving him that got him moving away from the spot.
I dont know why but even after that i couldnt get it out of my mind. Maybe because it goes back to my childhood days of having experienced sexual harassment when i didnt know how to deal with it. And till date, even though i shout and abuse all the filthiest words to a man whenever something like this happens, i feel like filthy and repulsive for the whole frigging day.
Anger and revulsion grips me and the whole day i am thinking only about what is with men and their obsession with such stuff!

felt anger,revulsion,grossed out
Location: New Delhi, DTC bus
Time: 9 am
Age: 23
Age at the time of experience: 20

Posted 24th August 2008