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I have gone through it myself. twice that i recall were actual physical abuse and not just verbal. Once it was a man flashing and coming towards me probably trying to shake off.. This is particularly etched in my memory since it happened on 3 occasions same man same place.. the first time i ran.. the second time the very following day i was scared and saw him round the corner and took a bye lane. The third time i decided to confront him.. I picked a big stone and when he approached me ; while he was about a couple of meters away i abused him and told him if he came any nearer i would throw the stone.. i was scared but aggressive too... and he did not come any closer..

i try and fight my battles... when i was younger it used to scare me more than it does now.. that i think is basically because of the fact that i am physically weaker than a perpetrator can be.. or has been.. but i know for a fact now that physical strength is not the only thing that can scare them off... your aggression can too..
and the fact that you are willing to fight and not take anything lying back in itself is a great weapon.

Posted 3rd November 2008 by J

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