Blank Noise Action Hero Sowmiya

I was getting back from school.My school was pretty near by home and so me and one my friend were just chatting near my street corner.All of a sudden I felt somebody looking at me.So I turned around and saw this thirty something guy on a bike,He smiled at me disgustingly and looked downwards.When I followed his eyes and looked downwards,I was horrified to see him fondling his private part.Annoyed completely,I turned away and caught hold of my friend's hands.I was completely irritated and frustrated.I just wanted to walk away from that place.I was on the verge of tears to see such a disgusting and cheap guy.Then suddenly I decided I should do something about the pervet who just made me feel so awful!!!I always carried chilli powder with me right from the age of 13 when I was first eve-teased.I carefully took it out and hid it in my palms.Briefing my plan to my friend,I turned around and smiled at him.He thought I was responding and continued fondling and calling me.We waited for the right moment.A group of my class guys were coming near the street I was standing in.I decided to act now and clutching my friend's hands, we walked towards the pervert.He smiled enthusiastically.I went near him and before he could react, threw the chilli powder right into his eyes.He let out a yell but realised he was caught and tried hard to stifle his scream.Meanwhile my friend took the key away from the bike.The guy reached out to start his bike but since he could't find his keys,he was completely bewildered ans stumped.By the time,he tried to react, we started yelling and my class guys came running and so were the people living nearby.This was the first time I actually did something like this.Though it was a completely horrible experience, it was satisfying to see the guy completely humilated infront of so many people.The best part was in all this hulla-bulla the guy forgot to zip his pants back and onlookers were so shocked to know what he was upto. We thrashed him black and blue and trust me,there's nothing so soul-satisfying than that. With quick clever planning, one can really teach these guys a lesson!!!

Location: Chennai
Time: 4 30 pm

Current age:19
Age at the time of experience:17

Sowmiya felt: Disgusted,Irritated,Frustrated,Felt like crushing the private part he was fondling!!!