Blank Noise Action Hero the Tempest

Few months ago me and my pals went to Goa. We decided to take the bus. After a continuous journey of 3 hours, the driver decided to stop the bus at a small tea shop. Behind the shop there were few houses. Being the fairer sex, its always a problem as far as nature’s call is concerned. So we found remains of a house and decided to relieve our selves.. I guess my sixth sense was extra sharp that day and just to be extra careful I took a stroll. To my horror I saw a boy between 16-18 eyeing the lady who went to relieve her self. I screamed out loud at him. That bastard just ran away!!! I was so furious. Just wanted to just catch him and thrash his guts out . I don’t know how long he was observing the ladies. But I was relieved that he wont, any more. Disgusting what some men do!!!

Location: on the way to Goa
Time: 10 am
Age at the time of experience: 23
Current Age: 23

felt violated, anger, horrified.

Posted 1st August 2008