Work Jam Partners + Hosts 

To ensure that all our Action Heroes across Bengaluru are able to access Work Jams, we have partnered with various organisations across the city that can host us and enable our work. Our list of hosts include Goethe Institute, Sandbox Collective, Srishti Institute of Design, Uncommon Design Agency, among others. Here's introducing our gracious hosts and why they choose to be allies.


Why Partner With Blank Noise?

Sexual violence is quite regrettably still an issue people shy away from acknowledging, let alone engaging with. It presents itself in myriad ways, and needs a multitude of conversations, movements, and people, to understand, engage, and end. We felt Blank Noise is a lovely initiative in this direction and desired to contribute in a small way.
— Nikhil and Sharath, Founders/Directors of ShareStudio

Sandbox Collective Logo (1) copy.png
We host Blank Noise’s Work Jams at BeaglesLoft in solidarity with the Action Heroes working for the cause and because we are keen on bringing conversations on gender violence to our workspace.
— Medha Agrawal, Project Executive at Sandbox Collective

Are you an organization with available space on Saturday mornings between 11am to 4pm?

Would you like to host Our next work JAm?

Contact : actionhero@blanknoise.or with subject title 'Work Jam Host'