Reporting To Remember : I Never Ask For It

We Pledge To Not Forget 

Blame , shame and silence are systemic.
Reporting To Remember documents statements made by persons in power to justify sexual violence.  It also archives instances of shame as a tool to silence survivors of violence - whatsapp videos, 'honour killings' / murder, suicide due to fear of being judged and shamed. This is a collaborative research project. 

Reporting To Remember archives instances of sexual and gender based violence, violence against women that is justified by persons in power.
These instances live in our collective public memory.
We are Reporting To Remember. We pledge to not forget .
Reporting To Remember , the trauma and fear of social stigma that has driven to commit suicide after sexual assault and rape.
Reporting To Remember, says we pledge to not forget. 
Reporting To Remember , murder justified in the name of honour.  
We pledge to not forget. This lives in our collective public memory.
We pledge to not forget. There is no excuse. No justification.
I Never Ask For It

Reporting To Remember is a collaborative research project documenting violence that has long been justified through a system that allows it. Reporting To Remember has been built by multiple collaborators from members of the Blank Noise community, to class led research projects. to Blank Noise internship projects. You too , are invited to contribute. Sign in this form

Names include: Satya Gummuluri, Amalie Vikse, Sascha Hughes Caley , Koninika Roy, Vira Mistry, Rishita Nandagiri, Eeshita Kapadia, and more. 

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