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Action Shero Theyro Hero : Volunteer Guidelines 2018

  • Blank Noise Action Heroes change the world, but the first step is being self confrontational to degrees and levels chosen by you, the Action Hero.

  • Any programme at Blank Noise rests on your commitment.

  • Responsibility and accountability are most important.

  • Reporting, maintaining a calendar, creating lists included.

  • You can become an Action Shero/ Theyro/ Hero from where you live.

  • We want to make big change. The to do list is long. Action Heroes take small steps to make big change. Your tasks and roles may vary in case of emerging crisis. Action Hero Volunteers offering spontaneity mixed with an openness to take on what is needed to be done is most welcome.

  • Blank Noise is short staffed. Bearing this in mind , being an Action Hero Volunteer at Blank Noise calls for being responsible in following up with the office once a week. If Blank Noise does not reach out within a week, to take initiative and get in touch. An Action Hero volunteer is self motivated to contribute to the collective.  

  • Incase you have a moment where you don’t feel ready for Blank Noise and wish to discontinue volunteering, you are requested to send in an email a week prior to discontinuing, in the time period of a three month program.

  • An Action Hero Volunteer attends weekly Work Jams, and commits to working at Blank Noise minimum one day a week.

  • Incase the individual Action Hero is absent for  three consecutive meetings without any notice , we will be moving your profile to the participants list instead of volunteering. This way, you can still be part of Blank Noise events and activities. Should you feel inclined to return as a volunteer and meet Blank Noise’s needs, you are welcome to express interest.

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Important To Remember. The US is about YOU.

  • This is hard work. This may be fun. This may be painful. This may be meaningful. This might heal: Blank Noise calls you to be your Action Hero self, through the process of volunteering.

  • We like to think of Action Heroes as the missing jigsaw piece, the thread, the brick, adding to a larger vision, and co creating the big picture.  

  • Sometimes, research and project work at Blank Noise can get emotionally stressful. You are encouraged to reach out and communicate. We can work out a research and project cycle that supports your well being as well.