Action Hero 5

Location: Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

I had done a previous initiative for sleeping in a park ( Meet To Sleep) with my friends, I did feel like a part of something bigger, that is standing in sisterhood! I was excited to have this opportunity. I was also a little nervous, sceptical and scared about walking alone at first, but after five minutes I  felt more comfortable.

It is a little scary when you walk alone at night, just because it's empty and I didn't see anyone else. I have walked the path a lot of times because it's my neighbourhood, or been in a car. I was aware that if I would've been with someone else or driving, I wouldn't have felt nervous there.

I felt confident and happy after walking. I felt like I need to do it more and encourage others to individually contribute to such initiatives because these experiences and fear are mostly female. A man wouldn't think twice about walking alone for fear of constant insecurity of the worst case scenarios coming true, though in fairness the fears are completely based on facts of life! Still, it felt nice!