Action Hero Gopika Bashi

Location: Bangalore, Indira Nagar, Bangalore, India.

I walk past that spot during the day every day and chose to walk there that night.

Walking alone helps me process and reflect- realised I hadn't done it in a while (that late at night at least), and even though I'm aware of my surroundings, it's still quite an empowering feeling to walk alone:) I had just returned from a visit to the garment factory areas of Bangalore- walking alone at the end of a work day is normal for most women in that area, so there may not always be a direct correlation between time of day and safety, and many women don't even have a choice but to walk alone at night. This is an everyday reality for many women.

I noticed the emptiness, and quiet, occasionally disturbed by traffic noises. I felt fine, though I did stop at a shop, around which there were about ten men congregated. I didn't feel threatened- it just struck me how I'd never see a group of women like that:)

Before my walk alone, I felt tired, busy, reflective.

After the walk, I felt observant, reflective, curious

I got back feeling that there were others doing the same thing...that I was a  part of a group of women doing the same thing, across cities.