Action Hero Vira Mistry

Location: Indiranagar in Defence Colony, Bangalore, India.

I was initially going to walk in Tipassandra, but I changed the location because it was my first Walk Alone and I wanted to be in a more familiar space. And even though it is home to me and I have grown up there, I rarely walk around at night after 9 and wanted to experience it. I was anxious, excited, curious.

It was raining and I had a big sweatshirt on and my hood was up.  I kept wondering if I even looked like a girl, and whether if I was wearing something different i wouldn't feel as safe. I always feel cozy in a sweatshirt, so I was kind of in my comfort zone because of this. There was a moment where a bike pulled up by me and that was a little nerve racking. I didn't say anything but it definitely made me feel uncomfortable. Which is strange because I was walking around in my neighbourhood.

Defense Colony is a very familiar place to me. I've grown up walking around those streets however I rarely venture out after 9:30 by myself. Most of the roads weren't lit up. There were a few people walking but they were mostly men and cars driving by. The roads were relatively quiet.  I got home feeling elated, bold, happy. It was very hard to fall asleep once I got back home. I felt like my heart was racing.