Action Hero Vrushali Somavanshi

Location: Yelahanka New Town main road, Bangalore

I walked here because I had been harassed here before, and wanted to reclaim my space.

Initially I  was not comfortable walking around an area so close to my house. I felt sceptical and alert.  My phone battery had died and that made me quite nervous, I clutched on to the only pseudo weapon that I had which were a pair of keys. As I kept walking I did start feeling a bit okay, but that feeling quickly washed away due to several bad experiences of catcalling on that particular road. But as I moved forward I saw a few women nearby which made me feel safe. At the end of my Walk Alone I felt relieved proud independent.

I feel the need to rethink about how safe the place was and not just assume something bad was always going to happen. I felt better in a way and felt more free to get out at night.

* Action Hero Vrushali walked alone for 10 minutes