Action Hero Eeshita Kapadiya

Location: Nagenhalli, Yelahanka

I walked through a road behind my apartment . I had never explored.

I was curious to know where the road led.I did have an ingrained sense of fear to my surroundings, and was suspicious of cars and figures even though they posed no visible threat to me.I started to feel comfortable after a while, as long as I saw no people. Once people were in the equation, fear would creep up again. However, since I walked with company, I was still relatively comfortable, but also felt protective towards my companions when I felt fearful myself. I was feeling excitement, purpose and peace before my walk alone. After my walk, I felt confident, conscious, aware. I got home knowing I wanted to walk alone more, and realized I would not have experienced what I had just experienced if not for the #WalkAlone. Since I had company, I was still comfortable, but this gave me confidence to venture out by myself.