Action Hero Satya Gummuluri

Location: Kreuzberg , Berlin, Germany.

I wanted to see a show in the Kreuzberg area. I felt unselfconscious.

I was in Berlin .I find it safe compared to other places I have been to. I was not threatened or did not feel unsafe.I was going to an area I haven't been to before in a city I don't live in, so I was mostly absorbed in figuring out directions. I also felt excited, proud, solidarity before doing the Walk Alone.  After the walk I felt happy, buzzed, solidarity. I got home and  didn't sleep until later... I was a bit buzzed with excitement! On the train back, i had seen an ad for a group that helps refugee women. (i tried searching for it online but haven't been successful). it talked about women connecting with refugee women and helping them navigate the city and new life. i was a bit emotional reading the ad. it is humbling to see the efforts of so many women working so hard at every level.