Lijya Periyal

Location: Patrakaarnagar, Pune

Here's how I experienced Akeli. Awaara, Azaad:

Being in the front I loved choosing which streets to take. Since nobody was in front of me for most of the time, I didn't have an eye on anyone, except when sudden gushes of worry would engulf my mind and I'd look back to check on the rest of you and be assured of your safety.

I didn't feel any sense of threat at all. Possibly because I knew the rest of you were behind me and mentally I was thus feeling reassured. Plus, while some streets in that area I was taking for the first time, largely I was familiar with most parts of it. While walking in Patrakaarnagar, I felt many curious looks coming my way, especially when I reached the dead end near the police colony and decided to sit on the corner bench amongst the groups of men hanging around on the benches. Telin was still a while away at that point and it looked like I was alone. I couldn't see her. Even at that point I didn't feel threat or scared. I felt onlookers around give me a look of concern and wonder. 

It felt absolutely great to reconnect and meet you and Kahini (after such a long time!) and I'm glad this Blank Noise project introduced me to a gem of a person that is Sayali :) I enjoyed all of your company thoroughly and it felt good to get out and do this with the action hero spirit in each of you.

And Yes, may we be able to do many more indeed! Cheers (clink** clink**)