Blank Noise is a community of ‘Action Sheroes, Theyroes and Heroes’, individuals and citizens united to eradicate gender based and sexual violence. Initiated in 2003, as a response to street harassment as a final graduation project at the Srishti Insitute of Art Design and Technology, Blank Noise has grown into a multi city/ country collective led by its Action Sheroes, Theyroes and Heroes.

Action Sheroes/ Theyroes/ Heroes take agency to tackle the issue. Blank Noise ignites the idea that every person has the ability and potential to eradicate sexual and gender based violence.

Blank Noise and its community of Action Sheroes, have been instrumental in building public discourse on sexual violence, through a range of interventions, designed across media (video, audio, live action, performance, posters). Blank Noise interventions are designed to shift the fear based relationship women have been taught to have with their cities. The collective creates a safe space for survivors to be heard. All of Blank Noise is built on the lived experiences and insights of its community.



Blank Noise has been enabled through a wide range of ongoing partnerships, alliances, friendships. Our primary partner is our community of 'Action Sheroes , Heroes and Theyroes' , citizens and persons, who donate their time, skills, labour to shift public collective conscience , towards tackling sexual and gender based violence. The community has also been contributing small funds via fundraiser calls. We are grateful for your support.

Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology awarded founder, Jasmeen Patheja an Artist in Residence position in 2013, enabling Blank Noise to be supported and hosted. Blank Noise started as a graduation project, at Srishti in 2003 and continues to be a enabling environment for the work we do. 

Thank you TED, for the fellowship and its community. Thank you, Ruth Ann Harnisch , The Harnisch Foundation, for the 2017, Awesome Without Borders grant. Thank you Ashoka Innovators For The Public, the organisation and its fellows for the community and resource it offers.

To enable our efforts, and to step in to end violence against women and girls, please reach us at actionhero@blanknoise.org. To donate visit here