To be Action Sheroes across spaces, be it home, office, public transport,
relationships, the internet, campus or streets.
To not shrink.
To not invisibilize ourselves.
To not bend with the weight of guilt, shame and blame.
To live towards our fullest potential.
To know our rights and share them too

Action Sheroes, Heroes and Theyroes build public knowledge together.
Towards ending victim blame at the workplace and campus.

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#EverythingIWantToKnow Series 1:
Everything I Want To Know About Ending Sexual Harassment and Victim Blame at the Workplace & Campus

Date : 26th and 27th April, 2019
Location: WeWork Galaxy, Bangalore
No. of Participants: 25

On 26th and 27th April 2019, Blank Noise in collaboration with Action Shero Abhaya Tatavarti piloted it’s first #EverythingIWantToKnow series: About Ending Sexual Harassment and Victim Blame at the Workplace and Campus.

Action Sheroes, Heroes and Theyroes joined in from various professional backgrounds and sectors. Students, freelancers, writers, volunteers to entrepreneurs brought questions, curiosity and their own experiences.

The list of participants who built #EverythingIWantToKnow About Ending Sexual Harassment and Victim Blame at the Workplace and Campus are:

  • Akriti Sharma, Student

  • Anirban, Professional

  • Arfa Syeda, Travel Blogger

  • Dhanush N, Student

  • Dr Roshni Manay, Surgeon

  • Gagana Jadhav, Student

  • Gowtham, IAS student

  • Isha Malaviya, Student

  • Jyothi Keshavan, HR professional

  • Karan Chordia, Professional

  • Kerry, Social Worker

  • Lalrin, Professional.

  • Manoj Naik, Professional

  • Meghana, Entrepreneur

  • Naveen, Professional

  • Noopura Sundaresh, Social Worker

  • Pratham Ajila, Student

  • Shristi Jain, Student

  • Shruti Shekhar, Program Administrator at an NGO

  • Tahire, Entrepreneur

  • Vinati P, Student

  • Vivek Ganapathi, Entrepreneur

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Become An Action Shero : Know Your Rights To End Sexual Harassment and Victim Blame at the Workplace and on Campus. 

a list of curated questions and their responses That were responded to during the event will be added here.

additional resources will Also be shared on the page soon.

Add to a pool of questions or share your knowledge, for an in depth understanding of the law and the nuances in it’s application.

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